Interactive 3-D House in a jar

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Interactive 3-D House in a jar

Jarpet I love the concept of being innovative and interactive way of exploring the animal kingdom. Basically Jar is a 3-D projector that hooks up to a computer. You can download information and an application for 3-D projected pet that sparks into life when Jar is included. Ideal for chidlen, it can turn into a center for teaching the life cycle of butterflies in owning a pet squirrel. Children can enjoy the live interaction with him, through a multi-sensory technology.

There is a USB port on the base Jarpet through which he is charged, and transmit information. Jarpet online stores will provide image data for a variety of animals, and parents can make purchases with their children’s interests.

Jarpet the 2012 Red Dot Award:. design concept winner

Yanko Design

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