Impressive bathroom remodel Branka Knezevic

Saturday, February 18th, 2012 - Hot Design

Branka Knezevic is an architect known for his inspiring projects. It has lots of experience in remodeling homes, and she was the one who was asked to make this bathroom in more light and airy space. The bathroom was outdated and had an old and not very appealing look. The owner has requested a bathroom with a sleek and stylish design. Pretending it was not easy, but the results are impressive.

width=height="540" Branka spent some time analyzing the space had to work, and then came up with a clever plan. It was decided to include freestanding bathtub in the room, and shower. Given the fact that the bathroom was small it was an ambitious idea.The 125 square feet bathroom was not the ideal place for so many pieces. However, with his talent and intuition, the designer managed to complete their project. It includes both freestanding tub and glass-enclosed shower and bathroom there even looks brighter than ever. width=height="540" original Bathroom design is not bad or wrong. It was just outdated and uninspired. Furniture and bodies were placed in a way that took a lot more space than you need and their projects would not be. It was very successful and stimulating remodel.Also bathroom, the room seemed a bit too dark. Branka Knezevic had to reorganize and rethink the entire design. The bathroom is now noticeably lighter and more breathable than it once was. width=height="540" chose a linear wall hanging cabinet that is located between tub and shower. It provides plenty of storage space and thus no need for any additional furniture. Also, she was left with more space fiendly bathtub. It is a delicate curves, and it takes very little space compared to the old structures. It is also one of the reasons why the designer was able to add a shower unit as well.The great window and mirror are also helping to create a larger space. {Find the TEACHERS Alexius}.


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