Hyde Park Townhouse

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 - Minimalist Interior

Interior Designer Susan Knof of London-based architects and designers SHH has created a new home for private clients in Hyde Park, London, which combines understated elegance with practical and flexible spaces for real family usage, set within a classic, white stucco Victorian townhouse.

SHH’s client – an international family with a suite of homes (including one in New York and one in Bulgaria) – purchased the four-storey property and appointed SHH both as interior architect and designer/decorator to re-plan and redesign the interior to fit their specific wants and needs. ‘The overall brief for the interior was non-prescriptive in terms of detail, but was more about feel.

commented Susan Knof, SHH Senior Designer and lead designer for the interior. ‘The client asked for a classic and sophisticated series of spaces in muted grey tones. As the client didn’t like curtains, wall coverings or finishes such as polished plaster, we had to look for ways to add an element of glamour to the requested cool, calm and classic approach, so that the space also had variety, drama and a sensual richness.’

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