How to Pick the Bed for You

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 - Interior Design

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It can be a difficult decision picking the bed for you. There are so many different styles out there how do you choose just one? There are several ways you can narrow down your search and some important tips on how to choose your bed.

Before you start looking for a bed it is important to decide what size you are going to get, do you want a single, a double, a queen or a king sized bed? Many people have a preference to the size of bed they want but it is important to make sure you have enough room in your bedroom for it, there is no point buying a queen sized bed if you can only just fit it in your room. If you are only replacing your bed then it is easy to see what size will fit in with the other furniture but if you are buying for a new house make sure you measure out the areas that will be taken up by other furniture and walkways to decide what size bed you can have.

A great way to measure out your bed size is to cut templates out of cardboard and paper so you can actually see how much space everything will take up.

If you are moving in to a new house or room it is important to think about the colour theme for the room and what material you want your furniture to be in. do you want traditional wooden based furniture, do you want natural wood or it painted white? Do you want a rustic style or do you want it contemporary and sleek looking?

All of these will influence the type of bed you buy, if you get a wooden frame, a metal bed or even a leather one. The amount of bedroom storage will also influence if you get an ottoman bed or a low one.

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