How Mosaics can be used throughout a Bathroom Design

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Mosaic tiles are certainly a versatile option which can be used for a number of different purposes throughout a bathroom interior. In a single bathroom design, they can be applied to many areas. Mosaics comprise of a multitude of smaller tile pieces formatted within a pattern. You can choose from mosaics of a singular colour or even a multitude of shades. Not only do they provide bathrooms with a stylish feature but the flexible arrangement of mosaics also enables them to be applied to areas in which it is difficult to fit standard format tiles.

Practical and Stylish Bath and Shower Surround

If you have a curved bath design then you may be aware that regular tiles are not a viable option. Multiple cuts would have to be made in order for them to be applied upon a curved substrate. In contrast, mosaics have a flexible mesh backing which makes them a perfect choice for rounded or curved designs. This creates a seamless appearance as part of a bath covering. Polished mosaics are the easiest variety to maintain as part of bathroom interiors. For a uniformed decor the bath surround and splash back is also decorated with a consistent mosaic design.

Finding the right material for your shower surround is not only significant from a style perspective but also in terms of practicality. Tiles don’t absorb moisture as much as wood or wallpapered surfaces and are an obvious choice in shower areas. A glossy or polished finish is preferred as the surface can simply be wiped dry. In terms of the types of tile that can be used, standard format varieties are popular but the leading variety is undoubtedly mosaic. In what tends to be a relatively small area, a mosaic pattern produces a focal point to set it apart from the other parts of the room.

Decorative Wall and Border Feature

For a streamlined, modern bathroom style many homeowners are opting for a simple sink feature opposed to a full worktop application. A shelf attached to the wall can be used to store standard items like toothbrushes and soap. The combination of white, steel and glass features are standard in many bathroom designs but the mosaic backdrop certainly helps to provide a decorative twist. Glossy mosaics provide a sleek look as part of trendy bathroom designs. The surface also allows for easy cleaning making them a low maintenance option. Mosaics are available in many formats including square, rectangular and diamond varieties. There is also a selection of sizes to choose from. In this instance, small individual mosaics form a trendy and intricate design.

A border mosaic pattern can help to provide a distinctive contrast with the standard wall design. An additional inclusion of colour, style and even texture can really bring a design to life. Mosaic borders are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Standard border tiles with a mosaic pattern can be applied to walls just like regular tiles. Alternatively mosaic sheets can be trimmed to size and tiled upon walls in bathrooms as part of a decorative border decor. Mosaics are among the most popular border applications and certainly have the required elements to transform a wall design in a bathroom, en suite or wet room.

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