House S, Two Storey Bungalow features Green Rooftop Garden

Monday, November 21st, 2011 - House Design

House S, Two Storey Bungalow features Green Rooftop Garden

I really love this House S, its a 60′s bungalow that was built by interior architect Wilfried Hilger for himself and his family features today’s urban development with the roof area as building site creating green rooftop garden as valuable building land.

The renovation process at this existing bungalow was started from the building’s basic structure as it need to be elevated due to space limitations. Three single boxes were placed on a cantilevered flat roof to keep the bungalow’s typical character which are connected only by a glass corridor.

The new structure creates zones with different qualities: in the south-west a meadow with a small apple tree, in the north a stone paved courtyard with a pine tree and in the east a roof terrace with a magnolia. In one of the new boxes the master bedroom, dressing room and bath room is located. The two other boxes function as personal living room and home office for the landlords.

In the first floor nearly all walls and installations were removed, so that a large living room could be created. An open kitchen was placed in the midst of that living area. This floor additionally includes the children’s rooms with dressing room and bathroom.

In the ground floor a guest room and an additional apartment is located. By the usage of triple glazed windows and highly effective insulation an energetically optimized building could be realized.

Architects: Roger Christ
Location: Wiesbaden, Germany
Assistants: Ronni Neuber, Julia Url
Structural Engineering: Schmitt + Thielmann und Partner
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 452 sqm
Photographs: Thomas Herrmann

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