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Saturday, July 21st, 2012 - Home Interior, Interior Design, Minimalist Interior

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To add the value of a house, home improvement is needed to be done. The range of options for home improvement is quite wide. From flooring redesign option up to the roof redesign option is available in various approach, installment technique and cost. To get more idea on the redesign option, reading books about the latest home design or visiting the online website on house designing will be the option to enrich your knowledge related with the potential redesign project on your house. On the flooring options, people will have more than three options available. People will have the vinyl flooring, cork flooring, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, and engineered wood flooring. Each flooring options will have its specialty and installment need that is worth to consider.

From the UK Flooring Direct website, you will find out that the flooring options are not only about the name, but means more than that. For the need on tough flooring that have scratch resistant feature, waterproof and long durability; the vinyl flooring is always on the top.  For a place such as the bathroom and kitchen, this kind of flooring will a useful choice since the waterproof feature is available. If you are interested in an eco friendly material for your house flooring, the cork flooring will be a good selection. This type of flooring is made by culling the bark of the cork tree. Despite of the fact that this flooring is made of wooden material, the ability for being fire resistant and sound proof will be an interesting point to consider. Mean while, related with the solid wood flooring, it is still debatable whether this type of flooring is eco friendly or not. For you who interested in the solid wood flooring there will be two examples that will let you to learn why this kind of flooring has set a debate. The first is the Oak flooring.  The Oak wood has gained its fame for years for the quality. But still, to grow a big enough Oak trees for the flooring need are good to consider. The second is the Bamboo flooring. Bamboo has been considered to be a better greener option since the time needed to grow bigger is shorter. Related with the durability, bamboo flooring has the same quality with other hardwoods.

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Since some of the house will need floating floor on top of sub floor, the engineered wood flooring is the suitable option. Mostly, this flooring type is made from Oak and Walnut. But since the flooring is made from three pieces of wood, it is also possible to add other kind of woods such as ash, beech, cherry and maple to give varied flooring tone. Another option that is worth to consider is the laminate flooring. Unlike other flooring, this type of flooring is having the surface appearance made in photographic image which has compressed fibers covered in melamine layer. Compared with wood based flooring, the laminate flooring has better scratch resistant and easy cleaning. The installation is as simple as putting a jigsaw puzzle. No glue or nail is needed.

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