Great Looking Teen Room Ideas

Sunday, July 15th, 2012 - Interior Design

One of the best times to renovate or makeover a kid’s room can be when she/he starts a new term in school life like starting middle school. It is now maybe time to make a complete makeover and give her/him a completely new bedroom which can serve them greatly for the next decade or so. Mostly, the kid would have been fed up same cot which started as toddler.

Actually this can be a combined effort, a great bonding experience for both you and your kid. Your tween/teen kid may have a lot of fresh ideas for his room. Maybe all ideas may not be really practical or within the budget you have fixed for the makeover. But still it is a great idea to take all the suggestions made by them seriously and discuss with the interior decorator about how best to implement those ideas.

Make sure that your kid is present during these discussions as he can come to know which of his ideas are workable and why some of his ideas are not sound suggestions. The interior decorator can give some ideas and suggest some changes that can show your kid that he is being genuinely involved in the decoration of his room and it will be totally his – to enjoy it as well to take care of it.

Though most of the teens and tweens are partial to high-end brand names and products, when there are options as good, they may actually accept sound and solid furniture rather than just have a high end product for cosmetic reasons. Once you know what the likings and preferences are, you can do a combined online search and go to the nearby furniture shop to select what is the final choice.

With the modular options that have become the byword in furniture manufacturing, you can have really colorful furniture and matching wall décor, window treatments, rugs, carpets, cabinets and shelves, decorations and other knick-knacks to make the room very personal to your kid. Here are some images of stunning and sophisticatedly decorated teen rooms from Clei. These rooms look exquisitely pretty with beautiful color schemes, matching wall décor, area rugs and other wall art. Cabinets and shelves – open and floating – are made to match or contrast the bed décor. Don’t you think you will decorate your kid’s room in a similar way?

Animal Print Rug and Yellow Furniture
animal print rug and yellow furniture 630x384

White Wall Sets Off Pink Bed Linen
white wall sets off pink bed linen 630x409

White and Orange Wall Contrasting Deep Blue Finish
white and orange wall contrasting deep blue finish 630x402

Wall Decor in Check to Match Bed and Rug
wall in check to match the bed and rug 630x412

Turquoise Looks Jewel Like against White
turquoise looks jewel like against white 630x402

Light and Deep Mauve Bedstead against Green Wall
light and deep mauve bedstead against green wall 630x437

Headboard and Sideboard in Contrast Orange
headboard and sideboard in contrast orange 630x436

Green and Pink Bed in White Décor
green and pink bed in white decor 630x407

Gracious Looking Yellow and Green
gracious looking yellow and green 630x397

Elevated Level Bed Matches Table
elevated level bed matches table 630x417

Beautiful Headboard Details with Floating Shelf
beautiful headboard details with floating shelf 630x410

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