Grand Looking Gardens on Rooftop

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 - Interior Design

Do you like to see some verdant green lawn from your office window? How about having a cup of coffee right on the banks of some nice little pool? But is it possible to have some lush greenery or lawn right near your office especially if you are in a high rise building? Yes, today roof top gardens are popular – however tall a building may be, you can have a stunning looking rooftop garden.

Classy Roof Top Garden Decor
classy roof top garden 630x472

What can you find in a rooftop garden? It is not just some greenery normally seen on balconies – just some pots of plants or shrubs – but regular well-maintained garden with all planters, lawns, plants, a small pond with flowers and floating greenery and other structures like a gazebo or a pergola. There are beautiful looking furniture arranged – outside in the sun or in the shade beautifully.

Beautiful Roof Top Garden Ideas
roof top garden ideas

What are uses you can think of getting from a roof garden? The foremost useful thing is that they are quite decorative especially when you look around and see only very less plants etc. other benefits can be that it makes the floor beneath very cool which in turn means that you will be using less power to cool your structure. If there is a larger area of green verdant looking garden area just around, then local birds and other small wild life will take habitat in your garden.

Huge Garden On Building Roof Top
huge garden on building roof top

Beautiful Terrace Top With Garden Decor
beautiful terrace top garden 630x472

Many big buildings create a stunning looking landscape right on their rooftop. They get an interior decorator or an architect to create many levels of outdoor space that are adorned as gardens, gazebos, pergolas, special areas like a Zen garden, rock garden, fountains, vertical gardens and water fountain features etc. These can be each an individual focal points that add great character and beauty to your roof top.

Water Feature for a Cool Look
water feature for a cool look 630x420

Unique Looking Table Top Feature On Roof
unique looking table top feature on roof 630x420

Terrace Garden on Top Of City
terrace garden on top of city 630x418

Here are some images of roof top gardens landscaped by Secret Gardens. Created on the roof top with stunning views of the city, the garden greatly enhances the architectural beauty of the building very elegantly.

Sunny Looking Smart Eating Arrangements
Smart Hang Out On Terrace Top

Stunning View from Roof Top
Stunning View From Roof Top

Magnificent Looking Roof Garden
Magnificent looking garden on roof top

Jewel like Oasis Amidst Skyscrapers
Beautiful Garden Decor On Roof Tops

Cushions and Seats Over At Terrace
Party Hangout on terrace roof top

Cool and Great Way to Relax
Cool and relaxing hangout on terrace

Comfy Seats at Roof Top
comfy seats at roof top 630x420

Close up View of Water Feature
close up view of water feature 630x420

Breathtakingly Beautiful Looking Roof Garden
breathtakingly beautiful looking roof garden 630x474

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