Graceful Gazebos – Attractive Addition to Your Outdoors

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Now that summer is here, you must be keen to spend times outdoors. Sometimes when the sun is hot, you may like a shelter above you. Parasols and umbrellas offer limited amount of shade. A gazebo can shelter from the elements even for a bigger crowd and add to the outdoor ambiance greatly. A gazebo is a welcome addition to your outdoors that adds to the value of your property.

With Tiered Gables and Walk Way
with tiered gables and walk way

What is a gazebo? Marquees, pergolas, gazebos, tents, sheds – there are quite a few names used for these outdoor structures. A gazebo is an open-type eight-sided structure with a roof and mostly in the garden or outdoors but sometimes it is built alongside the house too. It is used for entertainment of guests or relaxing outdoors when the whether is pleasant. They can be freestanding or attached to a garden wall or adjacent to the house. Some of the gazebos are at an elevated level offering more beautiful views of the garden.

White and Glass Circular Gazebo
white and glass circular gazebo

Mostly gazebos are built as wooden structure with shingles or other roofing material like fibreglass or other kind of ceiling material. When gazebos are being used at night, they are illuminated beautifully and they fly-proof mesh screens/curtains to prevent flies, mosquitoes and other insects. Most of them are furnished with garden type furniture also to enable comfortable seating and relaxing inside.

Warm Wood and Glass Covered
warm wood and glass covered

Gazebo has been popular since the time of ancient Romans, Greeks, Asians and Egyptians. Some used for royal families and rich people were made with beautiful furnishings, soft pillows and comfortable divans and ornamental fittings. But modern day gazebos are though equally if not more comfortable, do not look too ornate or too grand. They are more functional and practical for everyday use.

Sun Loungers and Shaded Gazebo
sun loungers and shaded gazebo

Today ready-to-assemble gazebo kits are available for ‘Do It yourself’ aficionados. Gazebos are built in large public gardens and parks where they are used for holding music programs, for bandstands, or as podiums for meetings etc. Though gazebos are supposed to be from East, western world seemed to adopt gazebo as a favourite garden structure in their garden.

Stunning Looking on Lake Front
stunning looking on lake front

Here are the images of some stunning looking gazebos from Berlin Gardens Llc. These graceful looking structures beautify your garden elegantly by bringing a touch of gracious, naturally beautiful rural look to your garden. They are ideal for relaxing and for holding parties – day or night – to entertain your guests in style. Which is your favourite?

Simple and Elegant>
simple and elegant

On Swimming Pool Deck
on the deck of swimming pool

High Up in the Air
high up in the air

Glorious Looking Night Time View
glorious looking night time view

Cheerful Looking Spacious Gazebo
cheerful looking spacious gazebo

Beautiful Looking amidst Greenery
beautiful looking amidst greenary

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