Godoy House Hernandez Silva Architects

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 - Hot Design

Godoy house, an impressive structure is located in Jalisco, Mexico. It was designed by architects Hernandez Silva. The house is located in a beautiful private neighborhood outside the city, on a flat corner lot. It was the neighbors on both the east and south, and west there is a great avenue that separates the house from the street.

Mexico” src = “http://bestdesignews.com/wp-content/plugins/WPRobot/images/f9e60_godoy-house-mexico.jpg”alt =” “width =” 600 “height =” 401 “/> residence has two separate entrances, both of which are located on the north side. One of them is for hikers, and the other is for cars. The house consists of two large volumes. One on the left side of the large box as a volume that is covered in gray stone. It seems to float above the streets and the possibility of opening below, where cars are stored. The second volume is light and transparent and visually larger and higher than the first. There are large windows on the north and west and the white steel grille that provides shelter from the sun.

  The house has a steel structure. It was built in the period when the material used to the low cost ad This enabled the architects to create a floating residence you see now. The house has a semi-basement level and the entrance to the platform will be elevated. Inside the house is open space with walls of nearly all point in the same direction. On the first floor there is a transparent glass bridge that connects the two ends. The facility also includes a beautiful garden integrated into the interior. There is a large terrace and pool. {Find the homedit}.


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