Funny Business: Awesome DIY Lego Wall Constructed in Office

completed lego wall

Adding a new wall to your home or office interior is never easy, but when you make it into a fun project it can at least be a little less painful. That’s just what the crew at Hamburg, Germany-based design studio NPIRE did with their crazy wall made entirely of Lego bricks.


lego sets

The designers spent nearly a year constructing the wall, which is an impressive nine feet high by ten feet wide. It divides the hallway from the office kitchen, effectively creating a separate room. The before picture, above, shows just how big an impact the change had on the space.

building a lego wall

lego wall construction

As you might expect, a build of this size required a lot of Legos: around 55,000. The firm says that some of the Legos were recycled, but they used some 80 packs of brand-new bricks. They even managed to cleverly work the company logo into the insanely ambitious build.


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