Funky And Unique LED Furniture to Light up Your Home

Friday, July 20th, 2012 - Interior Design

Ever imagine a table that glows? Wouldn’t that be an amazing addition to your home? Well, if you are intrigued, then LED furniture would be of interest to you! Light has a significant influence on mood and feel of a room and on people also. A completely innovative of introducing light into your home would be illuminated furniture.

LED furniture or Illuminated furniture is the new fad, especially to jazz up the atmosphere during events or parties. You might be wondering what exactly it is. Well, LED or Light Emitting Diode is new-technology in lighting that uses semiconductor and electric current to create visible light. As they are both energy-efficient and long-lasting, they are used in domestic & commercial lighting. Some of its uses are in signage, traffic lights, display boards and a lot more places. You might have seen LED signage in malls or airports, or even as fairy lights.

LED lit furniture uses this form of lighting internally to light up the piece as a whole.  LEDs produce minimal heat. They stay cool to the touch making them safe for use in furniture. They are either battery-run or need to be plugged into power point. Battery life ranges from 5-15 hours , usually depending on the size, battery capacity and LED operating colour. Since they are usually made of polyethylene, they are waterproof, and also child-safe. Illuminated furniture can be used indoors and outdoors.   They are resilient, easily washed, have no trailing cables and are weather resistant making them suitable for your garden or patio.

They are available in many different innovative shapes – you can get LED stools, chairs, bars, couches, puffs, planters, cubes tables, bar stools and much more. LED furniture glow a particular colour like red, blue, green, or white — or rotate through the colors to add an extra special effect. A popular trend has been to rent it for parties, weddings or other special events when you want to add some dramatic effect.

Some of them comes with wireless remote controls that change colour, sometimes as much as 16 colours,  with several different options, different strobe and pulse effects, which allow you to change the mood as you desire. Make your home extraordinary with a few of these illuminated LED furniture!

See these stunning pieces from Moreethat show you just how remarkable these furniture look. Elegant and different from usual, they are sure to make an impact. So you can either install them permanently or hire them for any special event in your home.

Modern Sofa Sets With LED Lights
modern sofa with LED lights 630x371

LED Lighted Sofa Sets Ideas
led lighted sofa 630x473

Blue LED High Table
blue LED high table1 630x455

Lounge Furniture LED Drum Stool
lounge furniture LED drum stool 630x455

LED Cube For Indoors
LED cube for indoors 630x455

Delicate Green LED Coffee Table
delicate green LED coffee table 630x455

Cool White Bubble LED Stool
cool white bubble LED stool 630x455

Chic Center Table in White & Steel
chic center table in white steel 630x437

Bright Orange Center Tables
bright orange center tables 630x438

Bright Bubbles for Outdoor
bright bubbles for outdoor 630x431

Brightly Coloured LED Chairs with Table
brighly coloured LED chairs with table1 630x420

Outdoor Large Table in White
outdoor large table 630x455

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