Fun Delicate Pet Furniture by Atomic Attic

Saturday, October 1st, 2011 - House Design

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Fun Delicate Pet Furniture by Atomic Attic

I was recently offered a Persian by my friends and thinking how should I indulged my future cat? Perhaps this upsycled, vintage and handmade Oregon based Atomic Attic is the perfect pet furniture. Here they have fantastic options for your cats such as Bright Red American Tourister Vintage Suitcase, a Bright Baby Blue Samsonite Vintage Suitcase or a Off-White Lady Baltimore Suitcase. These pet beds comes up with “removable, triple stitched, machine washable fluffy cushion for cleaning convenience“. Reinforced bottoms and metal or wood legs turn the classy suitcases into fabulous pet furniture items. Do you like it? Well you can always visit Atomic Attic’s Etsy shop here. Or get similar product, Petmate 25702 Kitty Kat Condo, Mouse Gray from amazon.

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