Fun bathroom fixtures from Artceram – Cow

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 - Best Design


These entertainment fixtures are the latest additions to the cool collection of sanitaryware Artceram – Cow. Yet the theme of black and white, arranged a fun option splattered with cow spots. Another option is a very modern, all black and white inside and out. Last May be an acquired taste, and definitely not suitable for vegetarians – except if you do not have the twisted humor, that is. It is divided dotted lines indicate the areas that the different cuts of meat. As a group, edited version of mad cow bathroom fixtures are a smart, spunky, fun, and maybe surprising to some. Either way, they have caught the attention. Learn more at Artceram. decor-basin-artceram-cow-3.jpg

 decor-basin- artceram-cow-2.jpg

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Fun bathroom fixtures from Artceram – Cow | isengdude | 4.5