From Marcel Wanders, a New Lighting Fixture and a Contest

Thursday, November 17th, 2011 - Modern Interior

by Ian Volner | Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Marcel Wanders YLighting Can CanDutch designer Macel Wanders has a new pendant light making its online debut via popular internet retailer YLighting. Can Can, produced by Italy-based manufacturer FLOS, is a simple fixture that effectively masks a rather more decorative (read: Wandersian) pattern within, a floral grille sitting just above the lip of the lamp. And in a special promotional twist, design fans can enter to win the light, as well as $ 2,500, with designs of their own that take the interior pattern and use it in new and surprising ways.

Like much of his work, Wanders’ lighting creations have long exhibited a strong tendency towards whimsy, with flashes of 18th-century glam—see his Dangerous Liaisons-ish lantern, complete with blow-out deactivation. Can Can detracts slightly from his M.O. as its peekaboo approach gives a minimalist wrapping to the ornate pattern beneath the shade.

Wanders fanatics are being invited to copy the decorative pattern, reproduce it in whatever form they like, and submit it to YLighting for a chance to take home a Can Can of their own, along with the big cash bonus. Carve it in butter, brand it on your face, mould it in rubber and attach it to a unicycle: the sky’s the limit, and fortune favors the bold.

Marcel Wanders YLighting Can Can

Can Can drain and “Delicious, lacy, Can Can Dark Chocolate” submitted by Shruthi in Denver

Images courtesy of YLighting.

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