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Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 - Modern Exterior

A bedroom can be much more than just a place you go to lay your head at the end of a busy day. It can be refuge, a place of relaxation and peace, a space of supreme comfort. A woman’s bedroom becomes a boudoir – historically, in French chateaux the boudoir was part of ladies’ private apartments, where they went to bathe, gossip with their friends, read and embroider.

It’s unlikely that you will be wanting to work on your embroidery in your bedroom in this day and age, and the modern boudoir is rather more about creating a look than it is about a meeting place to gossip with friends! When you are considering how to revamp your bedroom then of course you should start with the bed. Exploring the different style of modern beds available at Laura Ashley will give you some great ideas for achieving the look that you want, and the types of mattresses available. From the French “bateau lit” style through the ornate curlicues of a Victorian influenced painted metal bedframe, to the plain modern deep upholstered base, your bed will set the scene for the rest of the room.

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Comfort is the key word in your vocabulary when you are creating your boudoir, so think deep pile carpets and lots of accessories to give the right look. Your bed will be the focus – layer silk quilts with lacy cotton bedspreads and wool throws for that look of luxury, and seek out antique quilts and linens to adapt as wall-hangings and curtains. Indulge yourself with a real goose down duvet and if there is any embroidery in your bedroom, it might be on the fine linen that you have treated yourself to!

The theme for 2012 bedrooms is all things marine, navy blue and white colour themed, with just a touch of bright scarlet in curtain ties or in an upholstered button-back chair. You can create a softer look for your boudoir by choosing some of the beautiful floral prints that are fashionable this year, in blue on a white background, for curtains or bedspreads.

Scented candles can add the final touch to your bedroom haven, and many are both decorative and designed to soothe and comfort you. Relax, lie back and enjoy!
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