Fri expensive car keys

I often wonder why some cars value so much. The answer depends on their brand, material, design and features. But did you ever think that even the car keys can be really expensive? Here is a list of the most expensive car keys in the world. Be amazed!


One of the most interesting car key is in the Pagani Huayra keys. The key is an exact copy of the original cars from the same aluminum that is used for wheels. The key has two parts. First start the car, another USB stick. Second on the list comes $ 7,000 Eng-i-Creation-and Gumpert Apollo key, which is handcrafter leather, gold and silver.

  Ferrari could not miss from this list. Ferarri car key Camael has 1160 diamonds and costs $ 1.2 million. Fourth on the list comes Bentley Diamond Key Alexander Amos. The key is encrusted 101 diamonds, a value of $ 7,895. The last item of this Form Top 5 list of most expensive cars in Mercedes-Benz Swarovski car keys, studded with Swarovski crystals. width class =


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