Eye dropper with a difference

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 - Uncategorized

h3 eye dropper with a difference Thu One of the key things that some experts warn you when you use eye drops, is to wash your hands before handling the bottle and never share eye medicine. This is largely contain the spread of infection and to ensure you have a speedy recovery. Easy Eye Drops is a medicine dropper about a redesign that allows you to divide the liquid into the eye using only one hand. Generally, a one-handed pull the shutters open and the other for dispensing liquids, this redesign has everything in one go, the safer and more hygienic.
As a person who gets an eye infection quite often due to regular use of contact lenses, I think the design is quite clever, especially when you have no one around to help you with medication . Easy Eye Drops is a 2012 IDEA award entry. Designer: Ilmo Ahn     Yanko Design

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