Exotic Tropical Home Design, The Distort House by TWS & Partners

4 Oct

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Exotic Tropical Home Design, The Distort House by TWS & Partners

Distort House is the name and this house was brought up by TWS & Partners. The house is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We love the landscape and the tropical forest theme it’s given. So why did the designer called it Distort House? Well, here’s the explanation from the architects.

“Twisting out something from the usual line is taken in order to create different perception or to enrich some more quality. This happens to a house that we name it as The Distort House. It is located in the south of Jakarta which is still dominated by lush, tropical village forest in the neighborhood. In the front of the site itself lays a public park with some old big tropical trees. In response to those advantages, the house’s mass outline is shifted close to the back perimeter line of the site, and then twisted in 15 degree, leaving vast green area in the front. This is a unique way to open a more huge front space striking back as view and open air to the inside“.

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