Exotic Looking Shelves – More than Utilitarian Furniture

Sunday, July 29th, 2012 - Interior Design

Most of the time, we value shelves only for their utilitarian values. Whenever we need extra space for storage and for better organizing our items, we immediately think of shelves and either try to get them built or buy cabinets, wardrobes and shelves which can aid us in storing all our items in an organized and orderly manner. Sometimes shelves become the focal point of a room because of items displayed on them. Beautiful looking display items or curios can attract the attention of the viewers. Specially arranged lighting also can make the shelf as the focus of the attention. In stead of being simple shelves, these look like elaborate art work bringing a great ambiance to the room.

Today designers are becoming more and more creative and are making shelves that do not look anything like shelves at all. They make the shelves look entirely different either by making the shapes of the shelves unique and different or by adding distinct and decidedly innovative architectural characteristics to create a unique look. What kind of characteristics – architectural or design-wise – that can make the shelves look different and quaint? You can make the shelf have an arch above or add special pillars/columns at the end to create a special frame like effect. Add trims contrast or matching to the shelf edges. Or put the shelf over a base – a pedestal like structure etc.

If you make the shelf have different and a variety of finishes in the texture and colour of the shelf – like different colours and finish between the inner and outer portions, the shelf may look colourful and funky. You can combine two styles to create a unique look – like getting a traditional looking wooden shelf finished in startling funky paint. How to get unique looking shelves that look very different from the routine run of the mill kind of shelves? How to make shelves so that they do not loo like shelves but more like toys or other figures etc? There are some designers who specialize in creating designs that are not traditional and that can make a special statement about your shelves!

Here are some beautiful and deliciously different looking shelves for your children’s room from
Straight Line Designs by designer Judson Beaumont. Each one looks specially designed and hand-made with exquisite workmanship and attention to details to add life and individuality to anyplace! Which is your favourite?

Cool Amazing Book Shelf Design
cool amazing book shelf on wall

Unique Modern Book Shelves Ideas
unique book shelves ideas

Lavish Living Room Storage Shelf Design
lavish living room shelves 630x411

Storage for Toys in Hollow Chair
storage for toys hollow chair

Minnie Mickey Shelf
minnie mickie shelf

Joined At Hip Wooden Shelf
joined at hip wooden shelf

Funky Shaped Shelf for Kids
funky shaped shelf for kids

Drawers and Shelf in Toy Duck
drawers and shelf in toy duck

Book Shelf in Hollow Chair
book shelf in hollow chair

Armoire Looking like Toy Figure</
armoire looking like toy figure

Accordion Shaped Chest of Drawers
accordian shaped chest of drawers

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