Easy Decorating with Postcards

Thursday, June 7th, 2012 - Interior Design

Whether your summer travel plans involve a trip across country or perhaps a tour of the Greek Isles, chances are likely that you will purchase a stack of postcards. Postcards capture a moment in time, reminding us of the place where we watched the sunset over the lake, swam with the dolphins or tried our first merlot.

Incorporating them into your interior decor will keep the memories alive and showcase some great photography, scenery or artwork. Vintage postcards can impart some cheerful, old-fashioned charm. And over time, you are able to trade out the postcards you’re displaying with fresh images.

Displaying postcards is simple, and due to their small size, they blend into any setting without overpowering larger pieces. Strive for a combination. The handful you brought back from Acapulco will complement the one the neighbour sent from her Alaskan cruise.

To make things a little more interesting, consider displaying the rear of several that you have received from others as well. Cards with distinctive postmarks or unusual stamps can enhance a grouped arrangement and help break up the composition.

For a themed look, edit by subject matter. A few possibilities are annual trips to Maine, wine country tours through Napa Valley or family jaunts to the beach.

If wall space is limited, try spreading postcards on the coffee or side table or inside a rimmed tray, and cover with glass.

For that bookshelf in need of a makeover, line the interior with recycled maps and postcards using decoupage adhesive. The decoupage method, a playful option to paint and wallpaper, enables you to customize your design.

Glass jars filled with colorful postcards make an immediate centerpiece.

Require a gift for the globetrotter in your life? Give a personal touch to some blank journals by wrapping the front with patterned paper. Attach a favorite postcard to the cover, and embellish with a tag, ribbon or buttons.

Tricks and Tips

Complete your postcard collection by searching local flea markets, estate sales, postcard shows or online auctions.

Buying items in bulk is a great method for saving money. (Postcards sold individually are often aimed toward collectors seeking rare pieces in a higher price point.) It is possible to negotiate with sellers on cards with slight damage.

Pieces that demonstrate a little bit of deterioration should not be overlooked. The look of them indicates a particular appreciation because they happen to be passed around, handled and viewed by many people.

Other Showcasing Ideas

101 Penguin’s Classics Postcard Set

Anthropologie offers 100 timeless titles from Penguin’s distinguished collection of classic paperbacks are turned into vintage-inspired correspondance cards.

MoMA Store Photo Mobile

Enjoy your photography, art, or postcards as kinetic sculpture. This mobile enables the creation of a personalized, ever-changing photomontage that is an intriguing addition to any room or office. Made of stainless steel wire and 10 stainless steel clips.

Do you prefer to design your very own postcards for decorating your home? Maybe postcard printing online is something for you then.


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