Digital Printing Data

10 Jul

h3 Digital Printer Data Thu While digital technology has made it possible for the exchange of books, music, magazines and other media on a super-compact devices like cell phones and tablets, there is still definitely something missing was not able to deliver tangible representation of what ‘you want to share with others. Oksu the digital data printer concept taps into this level of sharing so that it can now “print” a tangible copy of a poem, article, link or file that can be physically shared between individuals. Hit the jump to see just how it works! cartridges required! The printer uses the Z-ink technology, where the color pigments are already in operation, and only need to be activated. Also, the NFC chip technology allows you to open the contents of the printed card simply placing it on the device the user wants to load it on. Designer: Alex Zhulin OKSU of Alexander on Vimeo.   Yanko Design

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