Designer Couches for Every Room

Friday, February 3rd, 2012 - Interior Design

Choosing a comfy couch can be difficult however with designer furniture peaking in popularity it is now easier than ever to find a sofa.

The Yorkville sofa is a modern twist on an original country style couch such as the Chesterfield, with similar design details like the symmetrical buttons each possess. This minimalistic couch features clean lines and black leather upholstery making it a sophisticated and modern piece that would proudly sit in any room.

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If furnishing a busy house hold where the centre of the house is the lounge area, a large comfortable sofa is possibly more practical than a smart couch often associated with designer furniture. However a design such as the Seed Modular set collection can cater for these needs remaining stylish. They are very adaptable as each section of the couch can be moved and made to make a different shape for example the size of a corner settee can change if you add a modular in. This type of flexible furniture is not only versatile as you can change the room around with ease but also creates an intimate comfortable atmosphere if you have a fuller bustling home.

Alternatively for a living area that may appear slightly more modest when referring to space a contemporary design such as the Camden will appeal to those who like a minimal design with maximum comfort. This also lends itself to versatility as it is a simple one colour design that can slot into a number of colour schemes if redecoration occurs. Comfort and style can also be seen both in the Merton and Bloomsbury design’s as although dissimilar in style they both lend themselves to relaxation.

For a bedroom area a smaller fixture would appear more appropriate as it would be a lounger to relax on. A compact sofa like the Greenwich or a chaise longue would appeal to the romantic, calm atmosphere a bedroom needs.

-This is a guest post done by Mark.

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