Creative Ideas : Vertical Garden in Your Home

Saturday, December 8th, 2012 - Home Design

Currently, available ground making you hard to make a garden. Relax, now you can have a garden by creating a vertical garden. This type is suitable also placed on minimalist style dwelling.

However, this plant is actually revolutionary creations had always experienced in different areas of this tropical country. Only, not well ordered and organized as located in a natural setting such as the walls of a canyon or mountain nature. Now, along with the development of technology and the need for reforestation, natural scenery of course this got imagination, creativity and knowledge of the architects. As a result, the vertical garden is not simply a beautiful and airy impression of plant selection, but also to show the aesthetic value of a blank wall.

Extremely, vertical gardens can be applied to outer space or space in the (interior) depending on the tastes and needs of the residents. If you want to be placed outside the home, then there are two options for the land that is used as a vertical garden wall or roof. While laying in the house, only the walls of the house. Together with the issue of Global Warming and socialization Go Green, the laying of a vertical garden is believed to provide many benefits. Want to know the eight reasons why you need a vertical garden? Here it is:

  • Adding to the natural beauty of the room
  • Featuring beautiful gardens in a limited area
  • Withstand the heat of the sun
  • Reducing noise levels
  • Reducing air pollution
  • Capturing particles of dust and dirt
  • Reducing the effects of rain tampias
  • Increasing the supply of oxygen

To get this park, you do not bother to find the right place, because:

  • Can use the media wall in a small room or large.
  • Easy to plant, grow and re-grow (reuseable vertical growing) with a variety of plants (both interest savings, vegetables to herbs).
  • The advantage that you always enjoy at any time, including reducing pollution and ultimately the use of AC (air conditioner) decreases.
  • Flush once a day plant using watering pot plants (watering can).
  • Be patient when making a vertical garden because the plants need to be planted one plant and not directly on the walls. Start by planting the seeds and allow it to adapt so that the roots of plants growing, strong and will not fall.

Identify the three simple stuff that need to exist in a vertical garden:

  • Shelves: use racks made ​​of metal in order to support the potted plants with strong and durable. May also use wood shelves, make sure the rack is hollow so that the water is sprayed into the pot plants do not meet shelf.
  • Board buffer: use sheets of board made ​​from PVC. The material is believed to be holed wire to maintain the neatness pot.
  • Container pots: use a pot that can be hydroponic methods of growing media ala the pot can be filled husk fuel, cocopeat, and seaweed. All three are responsible for maintaining the reserve storage of water in the growing media. For that, you can use a pot of flannel material, plastics modules holes, brick or PVC.

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