Creating the guest room: top tips for a job well done

Friday, February 3rd, 2012 - Interior Design

Many people have a box room that they simply don’t use. Whether it’s being used as an ad hoc study, a place for exercise equipment or is just filled with odds and ends that needed storing somewhere, it’s a bit of a waste; after all, you can convert it into a great guest room on the cheap. With these top tips, you can start putting together a fantastic spare bedroom for friends and family, should they visit your home in the near future.

Firstly, think about where you’re going to put the bed and whether or not you have room for a double instead of a single. Of course, the latter is only really worth getting if you have no space for the bigger option, given that it limits your options if couples or more than one person stays over. Even if just the one person visits, the luxury of larger wooden beds could really make their stay that little bit more special.

After getting a matching side-table, it’s worth prioritising storage solutions. The bed itself could provide much of this, particularly if you invest in a divan bed that allows for a greater amount of storage underneath. Shelves will also avoid the need for you to use more floor space, while the addition of an ottoman will provide seating on top of a great space to store towels, toiletries and offering extra room if needed by the visitor.

Whether the guest room is small or large, a dresser with a mirror or a reflective surface mounted to the wall is not only useful, but it’s also ideal if you want to make the room appear larger. If you’re even struggling for wall space, why not fit it to the back of the door?

Little things go a long way, too. For example, fitting wall hooks next to the door is perfect for slipping coats and outwear onto, meaning they can keep all of their belongings safe and sound in the room. The bed should always have fresh bedding for when the guest arrives – plan to make it up on the day that your visitor gets there so that it is as fresh as possible. Extra towels, cloths and a spare pillow are always good to leave at the foot of the bed, while a side table that includes a glass, spare toothbrush and a couple of toiletries always goes a long way to impress!

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