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Finding inspiration for your latest home decorating project can be tricky – after all, there are so many ideas to choose from! But one country that has consistently informed design trends throughout the last few centuries has been Japan. Drawing ideas from this serene and often minimalist style of design for your new bedroom renovation project will result in a room that is calming and meditative; great for those of us who suffer from stress and need somewhere to relax after a hard day’s work.

Japanese design focuses on high quality, natural materials, with designs inspired by the environment, as well as the concept of balance. Make sure you are applying Japanese design in everything in your room down to the smallest detail, as it will add a richness and quality to your bedroom. Pure cotton sheets, feather or down duvets, and a supportive yet comfortable mattress are all essential. Traditional Japanese rooms wouldn’t necessarily have a bed in them, but a roll-mat that would be put away in the day. However, for a European twist, opt instead for a low, futon-style bed that doesn’t interrupt the space of the room yet affords more comfort than the floor, like these ones. However, if you can’t live without a big comfy bed Time4Sleep has a varied selection that can still fit in with the décor.

Wood, metal and natural fabrics should all feature in a Japanese-inspired bedroom. Try wooden furniture with clean lines and plenty of storage; Japanese style is all about a feeling of space, so clutter in the bedroom isn’t allowed. Dark woods like mahogany are the best way to evoke a Japanese feel in your room; antique pieces with elegant handles and legs will add a touch of sophistication too. Ceramics, a huge part of Japanese culture, also feature in every Japanese home and bedroom. Invest in hand-made ceramic objects like cups and bowls to help recreate a truly Japanese sense of design and quality within your bedroom.
As mentioned, Japanese design often focuses on natural and organic patterns like trees, flowers, cherry blossom, and depictions of the four elements. Enamelled metals and engraved woods are typically Japanese, so look for furniture with ornate decorated tops or small ornaments that are richly patterned with floral elements.

Echoing the rest of Japanese design, with its concentration on the natural world and balance, colors in Japanese design should be tranquil and reflective of colours you can find in nature. Darker, muted shades of blue and teal are popular, while key accent colours in bold red, black and gold help to highlight particular areas of the room. Light is also an essential component: the room should be bright but not harshly lit, so choose low wattage bulbs and shade them with translucent paper shades.

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