Concrete, Glass and Steel House Design at Oklahoma Case Study House


Concrete, Glass and Steel House Design at Oklahoma Case Study House

This modern Oklahoma case study house was created using simple composition of concrete structures walls, exposed steel structure and glass wall system to create a spacious connections between the home interior and its outdoor environment. Designed by Fitzsimmons Architects, this concrete, glass and steel house design is located in an elevated neighborhood outskirt the Oklahoma City’s downtown, United States.

The main concept for this Oklahoma Case Study House was to combine a dense structure that would see to the Oklahoma climate while simultaneously appealing to the client’s appreciation for the residential aesthetic of the California Case Study Houses. The house size is more reserved in terms of square footage, but the open floor plans combined with large areas of glazing help create spacious connections throughout the inside and neighborhood beyond. Moreover, the terraces and elevated patios help to extend the open floor plan further, blurring the distinctions between interior and exterior.

The insulated poured-in-place concrete walls combined with geothermal heating and cooling allow for an innovative and energy efficient solution to comfort, while the recycled maple and rubber flooring work with the exposed steel structure and concrete walls to produce refreshing interior.

Lovallo House, OKC © Joseph Mills Photography | 405.524.9594 | steel staircases facade home design

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