Commissioning: Micklish Part 1

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h3 Commissioning: Micklish Part 1 Thu Over the past five years to edit YD, I noticed a clear discrepancy between the two types of furniture designers – those who are pure ads that rely on manufacturing partners, and “Old School “species – those that have long been a craftsman before they ever thought of themselves as designers. Last year I embarked on the daunting but exciting project to create several custom pieces for my home. I met a guy name Curtis Micklish – Young, talented, gifted even if he did not know  Thu He comes from the old school, built by hand and methodically improved to suit the needs of each customer. I want to share my experience with Curtis over several months, from what started as a simple sketch of commodes, to complete a piece inspired by and named for a retro 35 mm White – it is amazing to witness the full range of design carried out of the hands of one person.  draft was exciting. Curtis did not give much direction. I believe in letting the designer to play whenever possible. My only limits the height and width to ensure a new wardrobe to match. He also quickly picked up on my minimalist aesthetic and a few weeks after our first conversation came into my office and showed me a sketch. It is long, simplify and stark in appearance. Made entirely of poplar wood with whites, yet unnamed vessels become less rigorous. Together with a series of tripod legs that gave it character and cubby hole for the show and tell opportunities.  construction begins. From his restored mid-century house (which I did), there is a garage full of dangerous-looking machinery of which is clearly mastered. I watched him pivot door cabinets and listened to him tell me about your childhood. He comes from a family of craftsmen. He and his father were entrepreneurs, but his sense of design eventually led him away from the building doing his thing. I could feel the baby is surrounded by uncertainty creative spark and a little self doubt. Higher than that of his passion. He knew exactly what she wants to do. It’s just a matter of taking it day by day to come.  By the end of the day, the framework is completed. Steel shelves and doors are routed. Me? – Fully excited! Come back tomorrow for the second part. Designer: Micklish Yanko Design

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