Closer by Zucchetti is a Wall Mounted Overhead Shower

With an adjustable arm, Closer can aim the stream of water in virtually any direction – even up, although that wouldn’t be very functional.

Dynamic and flexible, Closer distances itself from its peers.

With an aesthetic of a clamp light featuring the shower head as the shade, the shower has a whimsical and fun loving profile that will bring a smile to the user.

A cylindrical counterweight keeps the showerhead stable in any position and at any height.

The cylindrical counterweight acts as a visual core to the overall composition.

Closer embraces a poetic visual of a tightrope walker’s balancing act – no matter what position it is placed in.

Incorporating high tech features within its aluminium shell, Closer comes in a chrome or black finish. And has a total length – including its arms – of 805mm. The shower head has a diameter of 95mm.



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