Choosing bedroom furniture-decorating tips

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 - Home Interior, Interior Design

Today, different decorating styles are popping up all over the place. Whether you live in Fort Lauderdale and have hankered for a Southwest style, Phoenix with a desire of a seaside theme or in Aspen with a dream of Tuscan-instigated villa, options are endless and same with the bedroom furniture and decoration.


In choosing the type of furniture for your bedroom, the first consideration should be broadly categorised. Getting a good salesperson will help you determine which of the following categories reverberate with you;


Garden cottage style

The sweet cottage bedroom style is whimsical. Painted beds are popular with off-white and white being preferential colours. Beds combining wicker and wood are also popular for bringing the outdoor look. Exceptional touches such as sparkling enhancing glass mirrors or crystals chandeliers are prone to appear in the same space with worn tables and plump upholstered chairs.


This style has surfaces from the peoples longing to go back to a simpler way of life and has become key in bedroom decoration.


Here, floor in cottage style homes are casual with laid back feel. Windows look light and airy as the cottage homes are known to be relaxed. From slipovers, tablecloths, window treatments ad upholstery, they all call for a fabric mix. It is a good option to have complementary theme. However, do not forget that there are lots of colours and patterns in the cottage style setting.


Transitional style

This design is relatively new to take an old thought. It is a combination of traditional and contemporary and is appealing to lots of individuals so far. Transitional setting embraces the comfort of a traditional design with stylish looks of contemporary blueprint. It considers pairing a traditional-looking furnishing with contemporary fabrics such as chenille and ultrasuede.


It calls to a mind of fresh and tranquil mood. A simple approach is considered with carefully chosen accessories. The overall look of the bedroom balances both the masculine and feminine qualities for a comfortable contemporary design.


Transitional furniture is all about combining minimalism and comfort with an attractive approach of traditional furniture. The lines are simpler than those used in traditional styles, but not as simple as of contemporary style. It includes 2 sub-styles;


Eclectic: where general look of an eclectic styled room is incorporated using colour, finish, shape and texture.


Casual: has an element of classic style yet cosy but does not have overly hip


Traditional style

This remains one of the most popular styles of bedroom decoration. Nevertheless, using mixed media pushes the style to a more transitional look. Traditional style features lovely patterns with personalized touches. You achieve a variety through mixing of night stand styles giving you cheval mirrors to match, and with an upholstered seating placed at the foot of the bed. Distressed finishes can also be used to give your bedroom a whole new look. On the other hand, light sunny finishing can render an entire new look to a traditional style.

You can choose a traditional style, perhaps with a Victorian canopy bed to get a summery feeling. Flooring resembling Spanish tiles can add a good amount of texture. Traditional bedroom style offers a soothing, classic, stylish and sophisticated bedroom without anything disordered or wild.


Word of advice

A beautiful bedroom depends on what you see beautiful in it. Your style may be different from others. When deciding on the type of style you need, it is good to consider the nature of furniture you have in your bedroom. Finally, always get a good and qualified salesperson to advice you on matters of furniture. Bedroom World is one such site that can help you in professional advice, to learn more about visit website. This way, you are sure to convert your bedroom to something worth your investment.

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