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Sometimes the best solutions are truly the simplest ones, using time-honored techniques and basic materials in novel ways. Reminiscent of classic Shaker peg systems, this wall-mounted panel by Ilario Branca can hang and display all sorts of items simply by wedging a few add-ons between the 64 nobs to create virtually endless customizable storage options.

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Manolo comes in your choice

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Pet houses are rarely as fun or wacky as the Pet Monster series from designer Subinay Malhotra. The series combines bright colors, soft lines, and technology into some ridiculously playful furniture for your furry friends.

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Each of the brightly-colored dog and cat houses features fun little details like windows, antennae, and stubby legs. They look a bit like miniature alien

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A glass floor above the foyer of this stunning loft in Stockholm visually connects two stories and lets natural light stream through both spaces, ensuring that the master bedroom in the attic still feels open to the rest of the home. Design firm Tradition painted the walls and ceilings white to enhance that sense of openness, accenting the interiors with

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The shyest person at any party will most likely gravitate toward the edges, standing against a wall or taking a seat to observe unnoticed. But what if when they sat down, their chair suddenly sent an explosion of colorful confetti into the air, calling attention to them and celebrating their arrival? That’s the idea behind the Josie chair, named for

Have you ever dreamed of showering in the great outdoors? Now, turn that thinking on its head and imagine bringing nature’s best into your bathroom. Introducing Dornbracht’s Sensory Sky shower. The German company has transformed the common experience of bathing, and water in general, by taking H2O back to its source – the Earth. This awesome, nature-inspired shower lets you


Do you spend your workdays thinking of camping and playing in the great outdoors? Being stuck in an office can be a bummer when all you really want to do is make some s’mores and kick back by a campfire.


The Marshmallow Pencil is shaped like a stick with a soft pink marshmallow stuck onto the end. The marshmallow is,

pedestal tables

This eclectic line of side tables from designer Cédric Canaud use a variety of materials and finishes to make a big impact. The series, called À Partir du guéridon – or From Pedestal – incorporates interlocking panels to create easily assembled, easily movable pieces of decorative and functional furniture.



Each pedestal table consists of two panels made of raw pine

1 a house

Looking like a modernist sculpture covered in a delicate sheet of ice, The A’ House rises up from its narrow perch on a residential Tokyo street. The small home curves in just a bit at the street level to allow just enough room to park a Smart car.

2 a house

3 a house

The home was designed by Wiel Arets Architects to fit into Nishi-Azabu,

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Watch your pet fish flit around peacefully as you cook with this sleek minimalist kitchen island that doubles as a massive aquarium. Created by Dutch designer Robert Kolenik, ‘Ocean Keuken’ appears at first glance to be one big rectangular aquarium taking up the entire center of the kitchen, but walk around to the other side and you’ll see that it’s

floating waternest home `

Made of recycled laminated timber and salvaged aluminum, this rounded pod home floats on the surface of any calm body of water, gathering all of its power from solar panels built into the roof. The Waternest 100 by London-based EcoFloLife and Giancarlo Zema Design Group can be configured as a private residence, office, lounge, restaurant, shop or exhibition space.

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