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freestanding beverage cooler

Every once in a while you see a product and it makes so much sense that you have to wonder why it didn’t always exist. The Freestanding Beverage Cooler (fittingly sold by a company called Problem Solvers) makes it simple to tote along five gallons of a beverage wherever you go without having to worry about having a table nearby

The skeleton sits on a stand, so the bones can be re-positioned into a variety of poses. The bones come finished in silver, bronze or a natural-looking white, and are topped with a black or white shade that illuminated the bones and casts a ghoulish, glittering glow.

Check them out at Zia Priven.



A single light bulb may not sound large enough or bright enough to decorate the entire interior of a large room, but artist Anila Quayyum Agha accomplished just that. Her installation, Intersections, was the winner of Artprize 2014 at the Grand Rapids Art Museum in Michigan.


The piece consists of a 6.5-foot laser cut wooden cube hanging from the ceiling.

From joystick handles to cross handles, faucets add just the right amount of sparkle to washbasins and baths. Strong geometric shapes – straight lines, circles and squares – maintain a minimalist approach to design as well as function.

In designing the collection, Cittero’s thoughts retreated to travels, and the initial moments in a hotel bathroom when you try to figure


Refrigerator water filters have done a lot to get people to drink more water, but they definitely aren’t pretty enough to put out on the dining table. KOR Water has created a filter that is not only effective at making your drinking water cleaner; it does it with an elegant carafe that you can actually put out on the table.


Food storage options abound in any home supplies store, but some of them are true standouts. The EVAK Glass Food storage containers are a cleverly designed set of storage vessels with lids that squeeze every last bit of air out of the jars.


Air is, of course, the enemy of fresh foods. That’s why you furiously try to squeeze those


Along the banks of the River Thames, the views are fantastic but flooding is a constant worry. Baca Architects solved this worry for one lucky couple who have a home in the flood zone. The Formosa is said to be the first amphibious house in the UK.


The fix is a simple one in theory: the house itself is built

The patchwork variations of muted colors and patinas means the Jeans Label carpet blends easily into any color scheme.

Manufactured by Polytuft, the creatively fun Jeans Label rug is 100% jeans labels on the front with a backing of cotton. Available in two sizes – 140x200cm or 160x240cm these Kings of Sweden designed carpets are the perfect art piece for

christmas candle

It’s always fun to have a visual aid that helps you count the days until something really exciting happens. Remember crossing off days on the calendar until summer vacation or an exciting holiday? Designer Anne Lehmann created the Christmas Candle as a kind of grown-up version of that.

christmas countdown candle

The idea is to light the candle at the beginning of December

plaat laser cut wood handbag purse

Dubbed a “technical bag” by its designers, Plaat is an elegant bag constructed of laser cut wood and lined in leather. The cut wood is flexible and easily rolls up into a stylish carryall.

plaat handbag

leather lined laser cut wooden bag

Plaat was created by design duo Qoowl, consisting of Quinten Peuling and Wisse Trooster, and in cooperation with menswear designer Dewi Bekker. Inside the delicately patterned