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A young couple in Musashino, Tokyo built this small, unassuming-looking home directly across from the lush Nogawa Park. They weren’t just looking for a home; they wanted to build a space that was an art gallery, a studio, and a community café.



They hired architects Flat House to help them realize their vision. In a complete reversal of most home

steampunk addition 1

An ordinary traditional farmhouse in Ghent, Belgium appears to have a retro-futuristic spaceship docked beside it, ready to take off into the air. The rounded, copper-clad extension comes complete with submarine-style glass port holes, described by architects Atelier Vens Vanbelle as “a cocktail of science fiction and nostalgia.”

steampunk addition 2

steampunk addition 5

Not only does this highly unusual, stylized home addition accommodate an extra

Swing things are back in a big way, making the new MyFace Fable collection the must-see of the season. The Fable line of hanging chairs and sofas takes the traditional swing seat to new heights – about a foot of the ground, to be exact! Word-plays aside, the collection is a more lovable, more livable interpretation of a porch swing,

lucky drops house tokyo 1

Built in 2004, the Lucky Drops House by Atelier Tekuto remains one of the most striking examples of the Japanese approach to building on extremely narrow plots of land. In fact, it’s one of the slimmest buildings in the world, its razor-sharp profile enhancing the fact that it measures just two feet wide at its narrowest point in the rear.


There are people who can travel light, and there are people who have to take everything they own with them when they travel. If you fall into the latter category, the My Bag washbasin from Ceramica Olympia might appeal to your travel sensibilities.


The very odd washbasin design got its name from its most noticeable attribute: its portability. The ceramic

Natural Skin can include Domino Tomato appliances which are exclusively designed for Minacciolo and feature a black base color and tomato red knobs.

We love how the hot and cold taps are defined by the tomato red and black shades.

The cabinets can be composed into large monolithic structures to subdivide zones, removing the need for architectural walls.

The cabinets

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bubble blowing lamp

We’ve always been a little fascinated by those toys that blow a constant stream of bubbles for the amusement of kids and pets. It turns out there’s a grown-up version of that: the Surface Tension Lamp designed by Front Design for Booo.

surface tension bubble blowing lamp

The lamp makes its own shade over and over by blowing a soap bubble around the enclosed LED.

The starburst of copper discs from Planet Taklampa gleam at different intensities, due to the layered design around the bulbs.

Of course, copper is just as exquisite when used as a singular statement. This Captain Golvlampa floor lamp is also available as a pendant.

If you’re in search of a minimalist look – these beautiful Charm Taklampa pendants are spectacular


The stark contrast between the materials used in the Katedra desk from designers Desnahemisfera makes for a visually striking and functional modern desk.


The desktop and right-hand support are made of a single piece of Kerrock with a small open storage space beneath. At the left side, the desktop is supported by what looks like a messy stack of wooden