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Antique wood effect ceramic tiles from Fondovalle make this bathroom floor look warm and gorgeous with their soft grain and lovely floral detail.

Dakota series ceramic tile looks like wood planks in this modern living room – probably the most realistic fake wood flooring we’ve seen, complete with wormwood holes, scratches and stains, to make it look aged and rustic.

Flux Chairs Outside

Join the fold! “Rigid furniture is for rigid minds” say Dutch designers Douwe Jacobs and Tom Schouten. Their Flux Furniture is the nec plus ultra in functional, foldable furniture from Amsterdam.

We first fell in love with their classic chair, but since discovered their whole range – from home bars to sculptural tablet towers to stools, coffee tables and lamps.


Disposable plastic drink bottles are a tremendous burden on the environment, a fact that has prompted plenty of folks to switch over to reusable water bottles. It’s hard to remember to grab one every time you leave the house, though, so inventor Niki Singlaub created the Hydaway collapsible bottle.



The Hydaway is a clever reusable water bottle that smushes down

cat furniture 1

If a peekaboo desk with compartments made just for your cat to lounge while you’re working isn’t quite expansive enough for your furry companion, perhaps the CATable 2.0 will do the trick. Cats always seem to want to plant themselves right on top of keyboards, paperwork and anything else that’s competing for our attention, not to mention climbing into luggage,

sky pool 1

Residents of a new apartment complex in South London will be able to swim from one building to the next, ten stories in the air, with uninterrupted views of the surrounding city. The glass-bottomed swimming pool suspended between two towers is billed as a ‘world’s first,’ spanning 90 feet without any visible structural supports.

sky pool 2

Looking up from ground level, the

Kreoo marble seats at the pool

There is something both futuristic and primal about the Pavè Stone seats from Kreoo. Designed by Enzo Berti and made in Italy, they have a marble base and a wood seat and come in three different sizes and colors.

Kreoo marble seats indoors

Kreoo excels in haute design in the medium marble for both indoor and outdoor spaces. As the Italian company says: “Kreoo


The horrific tsunamis of 2004 and 2011 affected all of us in some way, but the majority of us not directly affected could do nothing about the disasters other than sit back and watch them unfold. Two engineers from Seattle were inspired to put their expertise to good use so that future tsunamis need not take such a dramatic human

Luxury Wood Bathtubs Laguna from Alegna

Dedicated yacht makers inspired by the beauty of marine woods, Alegna creates glamorous wooden bathtubs which shine like jewels. The warm wood is given a soft sculptural form and modern elegance. Constructed from the finest quality woods and to exacting luxury standards, Alegna has created fascinating bathtubs that are stunning examples of sophisticated design.


Nordic furniture is well known for its no-nonsense design with a lack of ornamentation. Swedish-born, Copenhagen-based furniture designer Ellinor Ericsson is combining the functionality of traditional Nordic design with the ornamentation of Rococo in a series she calls X-Me.



The braided birch frames of the sofa and chair would be attractive on their own, but Ericsson took the design to

fortnum and mason tritensil

The famous spoon and fork combination known as the spork is super-handy in all kinds of situations. It’s especially useful when you’re hiking or picnicking thanks to its light weight. The designers at Map Studio worked with famed English department store Fortnum & Mason to take the spork one step further and and create a tritensil.

stainless steel tritensil

The tritensil is actually