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origami facet bags

Plenty of women have struggled with the problem of having a closet full of purses and not enough space for all of them. Designer Yingxi Zhou has come up with a lovely solution to that vexing problem: a line of clutches and handbags that fold up origami-style for storage.

red handbag

blue handbag

The Facet line consists of five different shapes and sizes of

martino hamper chair

If you live with a kid or a roommate who just can’t seem to grasp the concept of washing their dirty clothes regularly, the Martino Hamper from designer Brandon Washington could be a fun, cute way to not-so-subtly remind them of their laundry obligation. Designed by Washington as a personal design challenge over the course of 24 hours, the Martino

maxim velcovsky melting ice lamps

Glass and ice are made in similar ways: a liquid substance is made into a solid one. The Frozen Lamp series from designer Maxim Velcovsky for lighting company Lasvit puts that similarity on display in a sophisticated set of pendant lights.

ice lamps

The hanging lights look like carefully formed ice that is just beginning to melt. The glass looks slightly elongated and liquid,

Trends come and go, some at a remarkable pace but others linger for longer, a sign they are loved, wanted and practical. 2014 looks set to usher in a whole new set of interior design trends, all of which are enhanced or complete with the addition of a rug.

What colours and schemes are we looking at this year? What

Creating a solid object from a liquid material is what glass is all about. And what ice is all about. So there we have it – the Frozen Lamp. Designed by Maxim Velcovsky for Lavsit, it perfectly captures the moment when solid turns liquid – and vice versa. Doesn’t this hanging lamp look like it is made from ice that

natural organic joshua tree home

Living in the midst of a breathtaking landscape can pose a problem for those who want to live there. Should they build homes that will possibly change the look of the area, or should they try to blend in as much as possible? For this incredible house in Joshua Tree, California, the choice was the latter.

joshua tree organic estate

The home was conceived

lever axe

Chopping wood is great exercise, but it’s also difficult and incredibly tiring. Luckily, most of us can pick up a bundle of firewood at the supermarket or convenience store. Still, humankind has been waiting centuries for someone to improve on the regular wood-chopping axe, and now Heikki Kärnä, a Finnish inventor, has done just that with the Vipukirves.

Vipukirves lever axe

Vipukirves translates to “lever

Golden Goose 1

Chances are, you’ve probably never tasted an in-shell scrambled egg. This culinary delicacy is rare simply because it’s kind of a pain to shake up an egg enough to thoroughly mix the white and yolk without cracking the shell. A new, low-tech, hand-powered kitchen gadget called the Golden Goose aims to make the process much easier.

Golden Goose 3

Golden Goose 2

The simple device consists

introverso 2 silhouette

We’ve all felt the type of frustration that makes you want to take a sledgehammer to something breakable. Italian designers Moreno Ratti and Paolo Ulian created the Introverso 2, a beautiful rectangular vase that looks like stacks of marble slabs. See it in the right light, however, and its fun secret becomes apparent.

breakaway marble vase introverso 2

Seen straight-on, the rectangular vase reveals the

Modern Sunken London Home 1

When a newlywed couple decided they needed more space for their seven children, they looked no further than the garden behind their Victorian home in Battersea, London. But this is no playhouse or mother-in-law cottage – it’s a modern five-bedroom home sunken into a concrete courtyard to provide a sense of privacy and tranquility.

Modern Sunken London Home 2

Modern Sunken London Home 3

Bringing the two families together without