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ballo stool

This vaguely cartoonish mushroom-looking chair is a fun update on the balance ball chair. Plenty of people use balance balls – also known as yoga balls – as chairs to keep their muscles engaged throughout the day and to improve circulation as they sit at their desks.

portable balance ball stool

Ballo is an “active” chair that looks a little less silly than sitting

chinese 3d printed mansion

Designing your dream house and having it built just where you want it? There’s nothing particularly interesting about that. But if you could go from zero to fully built house in just 24 hours, that would be pretty impressive.

3d printed wall

Chinese company WinSun built this stunning 12,000 square foot luxury mansion with an enormous 3D printer. The “ink” used in the

Light, Heat, Color, Steam: Self-Contained Wellness Center

Stepping into a warm shower or steamy sauna is a terrific way to relax – and the Revolution…

High Flying Design: Boeing Wing Recycled into Futuristic Desk

Sharp and sleek, the glossy white surface of this futuristic desk design is crafted from a…


This elegant faucet design takes the guesswork out of temperature and flow. One sliding action allows you to control both the water temperature and the flow, just move the slider along the bar from right to left or vice versa. Why didn’t we think of that? Of course, it’s from an Italian company called CEA Design. Doesn’t Italy have the

boeing desk 1

Sharp and sleek, the glossy white surface of this futuristic desk design is crafted from a reclaimed Boeing airplane wing. French design firm Les Ateliers FLOWN created the Cantilevers desk using a section of wing from a full-scale 737-800 aircraft, measuring about thirteen feet across.

boeing desk 2

The designers envision it as bridging the space between land and air, bringing what is

nessie ladle

A whimsical kitchen wouldn’t be complete without utensils that look like toys. The completely lovable Nessie Ladle from Ototo is an adorable way to spoon up soups, stews, and sauces.

soup ladle loch ness monster

The ladle is shaped like the well-loved Loch Ness monster, with a body that holds your food and a long handle that looks just like the neck and head of

The Onion Candle comes in 14 colors that match a range of accessories.

The Goatskin rug would make a real conversation piece.

Linen candle bags wear their hearts on their sleeve – and come in a range of colors.

This square poof is available in alternate colors, too.

The stylish Hurricane candle holder (below) is hand blown.

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Concrete Ribbon Home Sits Between Overlapping Layers

The steep hills of Kansai District in Osaka, Japan are the setting for this uniquely designed family…

Unique Ceiling & Table Light, Lamp & Bulb Designs

As their offbeat collection of ceiling, floor and wall lighting fixtures, lamps and bulbs illustrates,…


All we can say is: Wow. Have you ever had an old shirt or an old pair of jeans that you just couldn’t let go of? Or maybe you went on a diet and half your clothes don’t fit anymore but you can’t bear to part with them. Or maybe someone close to you has passed away and you don’t


In the midst of a wooded golf course in Sayo District, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, this gorgeous contemporary home offers plenty of family gathering space and breathtaking views. It was designed for an elderly couple by Den-Nen Architecture.



The home’s lot is slanted, with the top point lying six meters above the level of the road. Thus, the floorplan is divided