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street facing facade

Is it possible to have a private sanctuary in a home that happens to sit in the middle of a very crowded city? Japanese studio Yuji Kimura Design created such a space for a client in Tokyo by concealing the home’s private terrace behind a large slatted wood and translucent panel wall.

tokyo house k

back of house


House K is a modern/industrial style home in

frisbeer beer carrier and flying disc

Most product packaging is meant to be used once and then thrown away or recycled. It seems a pity to let still-usable materials go to waste, and designer Simon Kern agrees. He created Frisbeer as a way to carry beers for yourself and a couple of friends (or three beers just for you if it’s that kind of day) –

pitched roof furniture

Lithuanian designer Aine Bunikyté uses the unique pitched roofs of historic homes to create furniture that is halfway between dreams and reality. Her Pitched Roof Furniture set is a rooftop dining experience that is definitely not for the faint of heart.

pitched roof dining furniture set

The modest dining set is quite lovely and retro-chic with its silver frames and translucent amber surfaces. What is

Tiny House Hot Tub 1

If you think you have to give up luxuries to live in a tiny house, you’re (mostly) right – unless you happen to purchase a tiny mobile house with its very own built-in hot tub on the back deck. For Tiny Wood Homes in Warwickshire, England, the combo was a natural, since the company builds both compact custom abodes and

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Dress Me Up Chair 1

Fashion and furniture design intersect with a chair cushion that unzips from the frame to turn into a wearable clothing item. The ‘Dress Me Up Chair’ by Magda Pawlas is a simple steel wireframe seat covered in a water-resistant quilted pad that can be adapted in various ways or removed altogether to make the sitter more comfortable.

Dress Me Up Chair 2Dress Me Up Chair 3Dress Me Up Chair 4

When it’s placed

Village House 1

Three generations of a family live together under one big roof while maintaining privacy within individual house-shaped units in an arrangement resembling a miniature village. At Rain Shelter House by Y+M, each of the five family members gets their own ‘block’, with access to the central communal living space and the two blocks containing the bathroom, kitchen and dining area.

Arrital has since taken the original Franco Driusso AK_04 kitchen design and layered into it superior European manufacturing technologies in both the kitchen’s incredible finishes and its colours with a final result that is both beautiful to look at as well as beautiful to use. This truly is a chef’s dream kitchen.

Aside from the original Oak, Corian, PaperStone and

four color process printing coasters

Four-color printing uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (known as “key”), printed in layers to create full-color images. Although it isn’t as widely used as it once was since newspapers and magazines are going out of fashion, the four-color process is still a widely recognizable part of design.

cmyk mona lisa coaster set

This set of four coasters from Molla Space’s Waku brand of products

swing bin designer trash can

This beautiful piece of design doesn’t look like anything you would ever associate with trash, but it is in fact one of the most stylish trash receptacles ever designed.

black swing bin

Swing Bin from designer Shigeichiro Takeuchi is simply a cylinder with a piece of swinging wood balanced on its top. There are no screws, no bolts, no little pieces of plastic