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walled estates shelves

There are so many challenges to face when you’re trying to keep your home clean, sleek, and free of clutter. Throwing our daily items – wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses – on a table when we get home is a bad habit that just adds to a home’s visual clutter. Furniture designer Judson Beaumont (Straight Line Design) has created a cheeky

seven doors nendo

The humble door is essential to every home as its only divider from the outside world or the portal between two rooms. But when you think about it, all of them are basically the same. They may come in different sizes, shapes, materials, and colors, but most can hardly be described as fascinating.


hang closeup

These seven innovative doors from Japanese designers

diamond forest cabin 1

The word ‘cabin’ is no longer quite so inextricably tied to visions of rustic discomfort, little more than wooden shacks dotting the woods, haphazardly thrown together with whatever materials were available. Contemporary architects reinterpret the forest retreat with cleaner aesthetics, modern materials and an eye for detail as well as craftsmanship.

diamond forest cabin 3

diamond forest cabin 5

This geometric black cabin by industrial design student Tomek

brussels warehouse conversion 1

Converting a warehouse to a residence that actually feel like a home can be a tricky endeavor, requiring just the right balance of warmth and coziness while preserving the character of the space. Sometimes it’s just a matter of renovating a disused industrial or retail space to make it livable, while historic structures need a studied approach to keep from

ikea hacka 1

How much more usable would your kitchen be if you could design it yourself, inserting countertops, appliances and storage space exactly where it’s needed? Not everyone has the budget for a custom renovation, but imaginative homeowners are getting creative with affordable components, especially through the ‘hacking’ of Ikea products.

ikea hacka 4

A new DIY kitchen system builds on the idea of Ikea

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Three functions in one compact piece of furniture turn even the smallest room into a comfortable home office with ‘One Series’ by designer David Adjaye. Created for Italian furniture company Sawaya & Moroni, this multifunctional all-in-one piece brings a desk, couch and lounge chair together into an island that packs a lot of punch for the amount of floor space


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What additional elements would you need to transform an ordinary van into a comfortable camper, tailored to your own specifications? For a quick weekend trip, you might just want access to a sink, toilet and compact grill, while longer getaways might also require refrigerators and toilets. The BuddyBox system lets you kit out your van however you like with lightweight,

blooming house 9

Unfolding like an origami flower, this house located near the Bukhansun National Park in Seoul, South Korea was designed to incorporate multiple outdoor spaces while taking advantage of every square inch of the available space. The polyhedral structure is built to the very borders of the lot, the facade angled for maximum privacy while maintaining views and lots of room

This is the type of innovative projects that NOA is specializes in. You may have seen their other famous product designs such as this beautiful kitchen faucet with LED light, also for KWC, and this see-through bathtub for Hoesch, aptly named the Water Lounge.

The stainless steel disc flashing with tiny lights looks very sci-fi.