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mute button 3

Have you ever wished there was some kind of magic mute button you could press that would silence all Facebook notifications, non-essential emails, Twitter mentions and texts from people you don’t need to talk to right away? Believe it or not, such a thing actually exists, and it’ll also help you be more productive by tracking your work habits and

This contemporary open wooden frame staircases with glass railing is by Rintal. Visio is the name of the line – for obvious reasons, as everything is so visible. The contrast between glass and wood is alluring, it almost looks like wood alone. Transparent and organic – it’s a good combination. Although ultimately modern in style, you could use this staircase

Papertrophy Deer Heads

As part of the still-going-strong Western chic and vintage folk art trends, interior design boutiques have been selling out of animal skulls and antlers, from deer to steers and beyond. We buck the trend by going the paper route. Cue Papertrophy.

Papertrophy Unicorn

The mastermind behind this iconoclastic company, Dr. Holger Hoffmann from Berlin, was inspired by classic animal trophies (author Ernest


Studio Drift is a design team based in Amsterdam that engages with light and natural forms by producing exquisite sculptural light structures, exhibited in museums and galleries around the world. They are grandiose and breathtaking, both in design and in performance. Their ‘Shylight’ installations (like the one above at the  Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam) are based on the movement of flowers,


Designer Henry Franks has dyslexia, and he has the products to prove it. In 2013 he won the prestigious ‘New Designer of the Year’ Award in London. His upside-down Mugslexia mugs illustrate a symptom of dyslexia known as inversion – some letters can seem to invert when reading.


It’s confusing. Just so you don’t pour boiling water on the bases,

sink in adjustable furniture

This whimsical line of furniture is from designer Keren Shiker. Sink In uses foam bars inset in wooden frames that you can push or pull to create your very own custom piece of furniture – and change the configuration every time you sit down. They can be placed either vertically or horizontally and they’re suitable for kids and adults alike.

This laminated glass entry door creates a mesmerizing light effect. In fact, it’s a whole light show. We cannot get enough of this door. By Armin Blasbichler Studio, it was created by laminating 585 diapositives of Pantone swatches. A diapositive (we had to look it up ourselves) is a positive photographic image on transparent material. On glass, in this case,

ullo wine sulfite filter

Some of us are cursed with sulfite sensitivities: we drink a glass of wine and then spend the next several hours to a day feeling miserable. Migraines, wheezing, swelling, and itchiness can all be punishment for drinking that delicious beverage that just happens to contain one annoying ingredient.

sulfite filtration device for wine ullo

Chemist James Kornacki developed a way to rid your wine of sulfites

homeless shelter pods hang from buildings

Homeless people who “sleep rough” – that is, who sleep unprotected outdoors – are often the victims of  verbal abuse and outright violence. In cities with overcrowded shelters or few resources for the homeless, sleeping outdoors is sometimes the only option. London architect James Furzer wants to keep the city’s homeless population safer with a unique project he calls Homes

sweden loft 1

Natural light can make or break a living space, especially when you’ve got a limited amount of square footage to work with. The generous ceiling height and top-floor location of this Gothenburg, Sweden apartment more than make up for its small size, enabling the creation of a lofted workspace on top of the bedroom and a skylight that illuminates both