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molten lava

Light bulbs more or less fade into the background when it comes to home decorating; they illuminate your designer light fixtures but they themselves are quite plain and boring. Japanese LED lighting site Only 1 revealed a line of textured and shaped light bulbs that are anything but boring.



The line includes several unexpected shapes such as the spiky dragonfruit

compact roll-up wellington boots

When you take rain boots – or wellintons, depending on where in the world you reside – with you, it has to be a very deliberate choice. They are big, bulky, and difficult to pack, so if you’re packing them to take on a trip, you’d better be absolutely sure it’s worth the trouble.

sardines wellington boots

Barcelona-based designer Estel Alcaraz thought of

origami folding linen wardrobe

Dutch designer Renate Nederpel‘s Pop-Up Linen wardrobe is reminiscent of a large piece of functional origami. Made of cotton fabric and wooden panels, the wardrobe is stable enough to use as intended on a daily basis, but simple and lightweight to move when the need arises.

collapsible folding wardrobe

The lightweight wooden panels covered in cotton are designed to produce an object that

tilt tableware series

The concept of a “balanced meal” gets a whole new meaning with designer Dor Tal’s Tilt Tableware collection. The bowl, plate, and cup all function just like normal dishes, but they feature cones on their bottoms where a flat surface would normally be.

tilt mug

tilt bowl

Each piece also sports a large cork that attaches to its lip. A thin steel cable loops


This existing family home in Stavanger, Norway needed to grow to accommodate the expanding family within – but city building authorities had some word in the expansion.



Their stipulation: the family could extend the home beyond the original boundaries, but the addition had to add a modern aesthetic to the neighborhood. Rever & Drage Architects took on the project and

Transforming Furniture for Kids 1

A clean and simple series of modular furniture elements avoids all of the bright colors and fuss of typical children’s bedroom sets, offering everything kids need from early childhood through the teenage years. A framework of sleek blond wood pulls together everything from wall-mounted storage to a bed frame that doubles as a playhouse.

Transforming Furniture for Kids 2

Transforming Furniture for Kids 6

SPOT by Polish designer Wiktoria Lenart

KiraVan 1

When the zombie apocalypse comes, you’re going to wish you had one of these. The world’s most advanced expedition vehicle, created by a team of engineers, artists and scientists, can store three weeks’ worth of food and water onboard for three people, scale 45-degree slopes, desalinate salt water and deploy its own drones. HD cameras, LED work lights and a

Floating Writer Studio 1

A sort of futuristic floating treehouse hangs among artificial steel trees in a striking sculptural canopy at the Maison de l’Ecriture in Switzerland. Phoenix-based architecture firm Blank Studio envisions the ‘House of Writing,’ a small residence promoting and encouraging literary creativity. The dramatic structure looks out over the Alps, a lake and the surrounding countryside.

Floating Writer Studio 2

Floating Writer Studio 3

Designed in response to a


As any parent knows, living with a toddler can be a simultaneous delight and nightmare. They are squishy and funny and full of life, but they can be frustratingly slow to learn (or just plain stubborn) when it comes to simple hygiene tasks.

TipTapTop handwashing device

Washing hands after using the restroom and before eating is a very important habit for kids to

sculptural wooden dining set

Dutch artist and furniture designer Bente Hovendal is a deliberate, careful artist who puts great thought into each and every piece she creates. Working with raw lumber and a chainsaw, her furniture is complex but shines with the simple inner beauty of the natural materials.

wall shelves

office desk

Hovendal’s pieces look deceptively fragile. They have the appearance of thin, stacked discs of wood