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From Equipe Ceramicas – the new Curvytile Collection is like a magic carpet ride (above).

The Provenzal in green and white – the perfect pattern for a kitchen backsplash and a great tile idea for the wall. Source

Also see patchwork tile backsplash ideas.

Speaking of kitchens, this half floor of terra cotta matched with a patchwork tile pattern in

Name: Mercure St Paul’s Hotel and Spa

Location: Norfolk Street, Sheffield

No. of Bedrooms: 163

Floors: 5

Duration: Approximately 24 Weeks


The Project Mercure Hotel Sheffield1


The stunning 4-star Mercure St Paul’s Hotel located in the heart of Sheffield’s vibrant city centre required a complete refurbishment of all 163 rooms, in addition to its large lounge, restaurant, bar and reception areas. The project

The Odyn ceiling fan (above) from Fanimation is a prime example of a contemporary style fan that can command your decorating ideas. The 84″ blade sweep gives this sunburst design a lot of heft, despite the slender design.

Above is the Gyro from Minka-Aire, an interior ceiling fan design beyond compare: 42″ Twin Turbofans in oil rubbed bronze finish for

The inlay wood flooring can be considered the most exquisite, the most luxury flooring design. And no wonder. The effort to create it is significantly bigger than with the common wood plank floors or parquets. And in most cases, it has to be done by hand and by very experienced craftsmen. But the inlay concept is worth it as it

Unusual Tile Designs

Where there are flowers there are butterflies … grey butterflies actually which is quite unusual, especially for a flooring design. The tile is from the Papillon collection of hand painted ceramic tiles by New York based designer Ruben Toledo, for Ceramica Bardelli.

A porcelain stoneware flooring (below) from the Selection Floor collection by Ceramiche Supergres.

Tiles with

Most of the concept faucets will never be manufactured but it’s interesting to observe how designers keep coming up with more concept ideas again and again, and how people react. I guess, as humans, we’re naturally attracted to water, and a simple device designed to control the flow of the water can fascinate us as much as some house complete

A bathroom faucet with a sliding temperature control – Regolo by CEA Designs. Not digital but no less cool, one slider controls both the water temperature and the flow.

This creative faucet (above) works with either horizontal or vertical installation. Just move the slider right and left or up and down. CEA Designs.

For those looking for modern aesthetics and

Antique wood effect ceramic tiles from Fondovalle make this bathroom floor look warm and gorgeous with their soft grain and lovely floral detail.

Dakota series ceramic tile looks like wood planks in this modern living room – probably the most realistic fake wood flooring we’ve seen, complete with wormwood holes, scratches and stains, to make it look aged and rustic.

Flux Chairs Outside

Join the fold! “Rigid furniture is for rigid minds” say Dutch designers Douwe Jacobs and Tom Schouten. Their Flux Furniture is the nec plus ultra in functional, foldable furniture from Amsterdam.

We first fell in love with their classic chair, but since discovered their whole range – from home bars to sculptural tablet towers to stools, coffee tables and lamps.


Disposable plastic drink bottles are a tremendous burden on the environment, a fact that has prompted plenty of folks to switch over to reusable water bottles. It’s hard to remember to grab one every time you leave the house, though, so inventor Niki Singlaub created the Hydaway collapsible bottle.



The Hydaway is a clever reusable water bottle that smushes down