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Edit’s bear table is cleverly designed to be either feet up, head up or back up. Source

This Bear Table is as much a bench as it is a table. The creation of Daniel Lewis Garcia it is made from maple end grain plywood.

Ugo is a solid cedar wood dog bench by Poalo Salvade that has its muse in

Aida consists of a vanity and wardrobe, each curvaceous and each decadently fabulous with their Swarovsky crystal handles and gold or silver details. Source.

While gold might be the standard pairing with red – and in this case Rosso Oriente red – Aida’s silver embellishments play beautifully off of the crystal handles and marble counter. Source.

The sumptuous and refined

Lucky Boy Sunday also has these fun matching rugs / teddy bears called Mause Rug and Little Mause. Now that’s how to make an artsy statement that’s totally young at art!


For a more grown up statement check out this snow leopard rug. No animals where hurt in the creation of this rug, did you know it’s made from

The vanities, mirrors and cabinet units create a stunning impact that is just as at home in a rustic, modern, contemporary or industrial bathroom.

The structural white carcasses frame the stained fir as though framing a piece of art.

Using push/pull hardware on the door and drawer fronts, the modernized look of the weathered fir boards is not interrupted.


Once the composition is complete Lee burns the mass of wood until it is completely blackened and charred.

The third step is to polish the outside edges to reveal the pale, natural wood within while leaving the areas around each polished section black with char.

To create his coffee tables, Lee cuts his spherical compositions in half.

The Wooden Spheres

MYK has several new pom pom furniture designs and we couldn’t wait to bring them to your attention. Pompoms conjure up feelings of soft, cozy and fun details and Myra Klose, the person behind MYK, has capitalized on this “feel good” design element by creating a series of chairs, poufs and rugs that are all that.

Pompon Chair No. 2.2

LEDs lend themselves to all sorts of materials – even fabric as can be seen by the sparkling pattern on these sheer window coverings. Creation Baumann created Elumino Sema and other drapes using embroidery integrated strip conductors and LED elements. Source.

Meystyle uses LEDs within 22 unique wallpaper designs, each, which is handcrafted so that the patterns can be tailor

The geometry of the stairwell is softened by the various collections on the shelving and especially by the living greenery. Source.

There is nothing more geometric then an awesome cube design and this blue stairwell by RA Projects is not only cubular it is also blue to make a statement in the otherwise neutral Fin house.

Reinforcing the geometry is

While Pointillism is the technique of painting with tiny dots of colour to form an image, in the case the Cactus Chair by Vedat Ulgen pointillism is a tongue in cheek reference to the many spines of the Barrel Cactus positioned below the oh so transparent seat. While I may have redefined pointillism, Vedat redefined the common chair into an


The special appeal of the totally modern and futuristic NLC Pendant (above and below) lies in the seeming conflict between the chaotic and the organic. Is it modeled after Medusa’s head? Or the trellised branches of treetops? You be the judge.


Forms in Nature hanging lights (above and below), an offering from Hilden and Diaz, creates a forest