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rain lamp

Drops of rain falling in your home might usually be cause for concern – but designer Richard Clarkson‘s Rain Lamp will make you wish for rain every day.

hanging rain lamp

falling water lamp

The globular lamp uses an LED and an integrated pump system to combine the aesthetic qualities of light and water in a nature-inspired lighting fixture. The lamp’s round shape is a natural

grecian getaway 1

A seventeenth-century home on the island of Nisyros in Greece retains its sense of history in this beautiful renovation by Greg Haji Joannides, integrating built-in furniture and smooth, glossy surfaces with the pre-existing rock for a seamless blend of past and present. The Sterna Residence is among a number of structures located within the medieval castle complex of Pantoniki in

compact kitchen 1

The average single person living alone doesn’t need an elaborate setup in the kitchen, requiring little more than a mini fridge, sink, a couple burners and some storage. So why not save some space with an ultra-compact kitchen module that contains all of the basics with the smallest footprint possible? This design is smaller than a typical kitchen island, and

recycled coffee grounds cups

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of those used grounds thrown out by coffee shops around the world? Sometimes companies sell or give them away for compost, but most of the time they’re just thrown out with the garbage. German designer Julian Lechner invented a brilliant new way to recycle coffee grounds into something that’s both beautiful and

bended stools series

The last thing you might think to do with these bent wood sculptures is sit on them, but that’s exactly what designer Bar Lavi built them for. The bent wood stool series consists of two softly flowing wood stools constructed with only a single bolt holding each together.

bent wood stool

bar lavi bent stool series

The darker stool was made from a single piece of beech wood.

airbnb floating house

Forget England’s iconic canal boats – this magical little house is Airbnb’s Floating House on the River Thames. The undeniably cute home slowly drifts along the river Thames past landmarks like the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, Canary Wharf, and Millennium Bridge.

floating house with yard

london airbnb floating house

Standing eight meters (26 feet) tall, the home isn’t just a miniature novelty. You can actually stay in

genie pod cooker

The runaway popularity of the pod-based Keurig coffee system has proven that we want personalized, single-portion options when it comes to beverages – and an Israeli startup is striving to bring the same personalization to our meals. The Genie cooker also uses pods along with natural ingredients to serve up delicious on-demand meals in less than a minute.

vegetables and couscous genie pod meal

The inventors

dune house facades

Walking along the sand dunes on the Dutch island of Terschelling is an experience in unbridled natural beauty. The Dune House from Marc Koehler Architects settles naturally between the dunes – from some angles, even appearing to have been constructed by the sands and wind themselves.

dune house glass facade

glass covered facade

The Dune House provides a different viewing experience from each side. Each of these

seven doors 1

Should a door serve more of a function than just being an entrance and exit to a room? Doors have pretty much remained the same for centuries, rarely straying from the original form of a simple hinged panel set into a flat surface. But why can’t it also be a place to hang pictures, or a way to let in

invisible cabin 1

This modern prefabricated home is designed to disappear, in both its physical appearance while in place, and how quickly it can be broken down and transported elsewhere. Mirrored structures reflect their surroundings to minimize their visual impact on the environment in which they’re placed, employing an ever-changing camouflage that enables them to match natural settings even as the seasons shift.