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If white marble is not dramatic enough for your aesthetic, Stone Forest also makes this sassy black granite Oval Soaking Tub. Either white marble or black granite these tubs are meant to impress and impress they certainly do. Available at iBathTile.

More information: Stone Forest.


spider light 1

This lamp seems to come to life in a way that might creep out all you arachnophobes out there, clinging to surfaces in a decidedly spider-like way. The SpYder light by design firm daast is a tripod lamp that can be attached to surfaces in a variety of ways, pointing the light wherever it’s needed.

spider light 2

Designers Andrew Southwood-Jones and Alexander

twoface chair

It seems like there are two types of chairs: those that are nice to look at, and those that are comfy to sit in. The Twoface Chair from designer Christoph Massak, however, is both.

flexible chair

The fabric mesh material that makes up the seat is soft and springy. When no one is sitting in the chair, it looks a bit like

These sheer curtains with LED lights are simply amazing. But that’s what happens when you fuse fabric and light – it’s magic. Especially this product. Creation Baumann, the Swiss textile company, has combined dimmable light displays with flowing fabric for what could only be called a light sculpture. The lights shine, glow or shimmer, depending on your desires. Embroidery integrated

pulley light

Polly, the pulley-style lamp from Diane Espiritu and Jeffrey Liu, gives you the freedom to adjust the position and strength of your lighting just by moving it up or down.

porcelain pulley light

The lamp’s handcrafted porcelain body is complemented perfectly with hardwood pulley wheels and wall anchors. Brass hardware ties the whole lamp together.

adjustable height pulley lamp

A 20-foot cotton-wrapped cord allows the lamp to


Maybe having a whole matching set of cups and saucers isn’t exactly your cup of tea, but having cups that match the saucers they sit on is always a nice touch. These unusual cup and saucer sets from D-Bros ensure that your cup is always in perfect order with its saucer.

cups and saucers mirrored surface

At first glance, the cup and saucer sets look

fun house 1

A series of tiny wooden houses within a larger structure make up a bright, modern, wood-lined play space for kids and adults alike in Buenos Aires. Fiii Fun House by Iris Cantante Arquitectos is a cafe offering ‘fun houses’ filled with swings, tents, hammocks and communal tables as well as more conventional cafe seating.

fun house 2fun house 3

Intended to inspire creativity and spontaneity,

micro architecture 1

Sculptural, geometric woodworking covers the interior walls of ‘micro-architecture’ structures by design firm Fabbricabois, taking inspiration from ships to create detached extensions for living and working. The Parisian atelier specializes in small-scale buildings with unusual silhouettes, working in close collaboration with their clients to produce custom layouts that fit their budgets.

microarchitecture 2microarchitecture 3

Mezzacabane, an ‘architectural mezzanine,’ is a wooden loft built

How adorable is this kids bookcase? Who thinks this stuff up? Make a bookcase out of MDF, one that looks like a tree and fits on the corner of a bunk bed. Alternately, a raised bed also works – the unit is made to complement Mathy by Bols’ Dominique Collection of children’s beds. Brilliant! The bookcase is dubbed the “Jules”


Couples in Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan have what might be the most beautiful chapel in the world in which to hold their weddings.



The Ribbon Chapel from Hiroshi Nakamura of NAP Architects is a breathtaking freestanding chapel overlooking the beautiful Inland Sea. It sits on the grounds of resort, comprised of two intertwining staircases.



The breathtaking sculptural structure spirals up from