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The lines between the bathing space and the bedroom are forever blurred with Bathsphere, the bathing (or relaxing) bubble in the air. Bathsphere is a glass bubble sphere, suspended in midair. It allows you to create your own mood and unwinding space. You can

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Watcher. You know, the person who never comments or likes. But they watch, and keep up. Sometimes, people are shy, even on Facebook.

Self explanatory, we think.

Something in your eye. We love this one.

Love. Guess he changed his mind.

This one’s not hard to get.

Available in many sizes of canvas – you can

The windows in this stunning bathroom almost feel like a ship – especially looking at that incredible view. The floor is Mexican tile and check out the light fixture over the tub – we love it. Source

Sigh. A fireplace and an ocean view. This Florida bathroom has a canoe-shaped tub and a real Zen feel. Source

From La Jolla,

Living in a dark space and finding it difficult to grow plants? Don’t worry – the Mygdal lamp comes with its own natural light to support its plant. This is no muss, no fuss, no bother indoor gardening. This is a completely autonomous ecosystem that allows

Similar in concept and yet completely different is the stacked plywood Silhouette Shelter by CallisonRTKL. Unlike the previous roundish design this plywood funfest is a 6 concave sided home with the ply layers evenly separated and 2 entry/exits opposite each other rather than randomly placed. Far more symmetrical in shape the design is still a protected shelter with easy visibility

Metal Sofa Designs

24, Mar 2016

The leather is available in a variety of colors. Overgaard & Dyrman

Cantori Italy’s Gio sleeper sofa is made of drawn solid-iron, lathed steel elements, surfaces and continuous wire feed welds entirely hand-rubbed.

Ici et La created the EASY ONE XL – deep seated leather sofa.

It’s ivory leather, encased in matt polished stainless steel. Ici et La

A special

Staircase Designs

Decorating stair risers with Talavera tile has long been a staple in Mexican homes and is now quite a popular design trend north of the border. It’s easy enough to DIY. A few tiles, some tile cement, some grout, some sealer and ole!

Rows of tile patterns change as you climb up these wooden stairs. Source

Here’s a

This sofa from Giovannetti of Italy is from the STAR collection – an organic form with metal buttons. In orange (above) or purple (below).


Taking it one step further, also from Giovannetti, is the SUPERSTAR model, with removable fire-retardant fabric. In white (above) and pink (below).



The Bahir sofa, from Cor, in a marvelous mustard tone. Doesn’t it

Checkered Floors: Black & White & Red All Over

You can do this in the smallest of kitchens. All this took was some tiles, a little red paint on the walls. There are red plastic tubs and one red dishcloth strategically placed. Voila, instant style! Source

A remodel of this scale may require a professional – but you can direct

With this design – bolder hardware was chosen and as a result, your eye pays much more attention to it. The door is custom made from solid reclaimed Kentucky/Tennessee barn siding. Source

The master bath door is rustic Alder. Imagine the space you would lose if you’d put a hinged door on this room – the sliding design is a