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As you walk along a steep, narrow street in a quiet area of Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan, away from the train station and toward the sea, a peculiar and lovely home comes into view. It is the Home in Gokurakuji, designed by architect Naoya Kawabe.



The home was built in an area where the road appears to be cut into

writers house 1

Offices can feel cold and impersonal, not exactly offering the comfortable surroundings that are most conducive to creative thought. For a writer working in a large theater complex, having a space that feels cozier and far more personalized – like a tiny house within the workplace – can make all the difference in productivity.

Writer's House 2

Dutch author Marcel Osterop is the

Best known for her Domestic Trophies covered in cashmere cable knit wool, her art is showcased in galleries nationwide and she is represented by Foster/White Gallery in Seattle.

When Rachel was a child she went with her dad on hunting trips. She never shot anything, but the hours of waiting and the seriousness of it all was a little surreal

Focus has developed a new model of wood burning fireplace called Slimfocus, using advanced technical features to create a natural fire with an energy efficiency of 85% and emissions of only 0.09%. It’s an eco-friendly fireplace that boasts purity of line, outstanding performance and compact form, allowing it to fit into the tightest of spaces while still looking awesome in

Group Rocking Chair 1

Over a dozen people can easily all sit back, relax and rock back and forth at once in this massive group rocking chair built for public use at the 2014 Seattle Design Festival. ‘Wover the Woven Rocker’ illustrates the event’s theme of ‘design in motion’ with a curved structure that sways with the movements of its occupants.

Group Rocking Chair 2

Group Rocking Chair 3

The plywood framework


Making mistakes doesn’t always have to be embarrassing. Sometimes, especially during the design process, it can be quite fun. The Rubber Barber erasers designed by Lu-Wei Chen put an adorable face on the art of making mistakes.



Each eraser in the four-piece set (available for $ 17 US including shipping) starts out as a square. Cute cartoon faces are surrounded

Each section of riser and tread are bolted together with the heads of the bolts exposed as part of the overall aesthetic. The riser/tread Walnut wood sections can be stained to order or coated with a Travertine Marble type of resin that is available in a multitude of colors.

The glass balustrade and the solid Walnut wood stairwell create a


Tokyo-based architect Yuusuke Karasawa has created a glass and steel home that M.C. Escher would feel right at home in. The S House is a graceful jumble of staircases and platforms, all encased in an entirely transparent glass exterior.



The S House occupies the same height as a two-story home, but it is segmented into five split levels. There are

modular customizable storage system

Dots is a storage system that’s just about as beautiful and functional as you can get in one package. Designed by ARIS Architects and produced by Polarislife, Dots consists of wall panels with wooden cylinders attached in a grid pattern. The protruding cylinders support a set of moveable boxes.

movable customizable modular wall storage system

dots storage system

The library/storage system can be customized by moving the boxes into

The Skull Von Bronze door hardware is all made in the USA by Rocky Mountain Hardware with solid bronze trims and metal latches with each one personally inspected before it goes out the Faucetto door to you and your door. As you can see there are four choices of skull backplates, the one above and these three which are from