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What’s more relaxing than a day-long hike in the woods? How about a long, luxurious soak in a hot tub afterward? If you’re roughing it, that would usually be too much to ask for, but the Nomad Collapsible Tub goes with you – even when you’re in the middle of nowhere. The 225-gallon tub is ultra-portable so it can even

With an adjustable arm, Closer can aim the stream of water in virtually any direction – even up, although that wouldn’t be very functional.

Dynamic and flexible, Closer distances itself from its peers.

With an aesthetic of a clamp light featuring the shower head as the shade, the shower has a whimsical and fun loving profile that will bring a

Strips are manufactured 46.5Wx270H cm, however endless size panels can be ordered. In case of different height requirements, the wallpapers can be customized accordingly.

The material used for the Roma Roma series is a non-woven 130gram per m2 non-pvc substrate with a 50gram per m2 aqua acrylic top layer.

The surface of the wallpapers are defined by their textile/fabric properties.

wolffepack swing around backpack

Sometimes, the little problems in life can be the most annoying. Having to take your backpack off to get at what’s inside won’t ruin your whole day, but it might be logistically impractical or slow you down. British engineer David Wolffe made eliminated that little annoyance with his wolffepack backpack. It always stays strapped to your back, but you can

completed lego wall

Adding a new wall to your home or office interior is never easy, but when you make it into a fun project it can at least be a little less painful. That’s just what the crew at Hamburg, Germany-based design studio NPIRE did with their crazy wall made entirely of Lego bricks.


lego sets

The designers spent nearly a year constructing the

The Orwell is an enticing place to relax whether both flaps are up, down or half and half. It’s like your own private cabin retreat right in the middle of your living room – or guest room – or family room – or wherever you choose to place it.

The heavy quilted drop down curtains insulate against sound, making it


Light diffused through water always takes on a sort of ethereal glow as the light is refracted and sent in every direction. The Atmos lamp from designer Arturo Erbsman uses condensation to create a lovely, dewy atmosphere in any room.


The lamp consists of a small aluminum base containing a light source and an inexhaustible supply of water. When the

The Dynamo Rainbow Shower has LED lights that can be color adjusted to suit your mood, turning your daily shower into a unique chromotherapeutic experience.

Easy to install, no electric parts are required and it can be mounted on the ceiling, the wall or in an enclosed shower system.




A private client with a love of hotel-like luxury and, apparently, a very large interior design budget tasked interior architecture studio Lawson Robb with creating this glamorous underground spa. The spa occupies a subterranean location beneath a listed building in Mayfair, London.


The basement level of the 15,000 square foot residential development began as a maze of rooms. The architects


Making a nice cup of tea is one of those no-brainer activities that plenty of us do multiple times a day. We rarely think of how much energy is used to heat the water for that tea. Even if you’re using an energy-efficient electric kettle (as opposed to a stovetop one), the minimum water amount is typically at least enough