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Modern Sunken London Home 1

When a newlywed couple decided they needed more space for their seven children, they looked no further than the garden behind their Victorian home in Battersea, London. But this is no playhouse or mother-in-law cottage – it’s a modern five-bedroom home sunken into a concrete courtyard to provide a sense of privacy and tranquility.

Modern Sunken London Home 2

Modern Sunken London Home 3

Bringing the two families together without


Falls are a particularly scary problem for elderly people; they can result in injuries that take months to heal. One statistic states that one in three people aged 65 or older in the US has experienced injuries from falls, and the percentage only goes up as people age. Many elderly people are embarrassed to use assistive devices like canes or

The latest addition to the Dala Collection by Dedon is this charming loveseat with ample room for two to snuggle up on the patio. Or by the lake, or on the balcony, or out by the pool. Like the rest of the collection, the frame of this garden bed is built using expanded aluminum and woven with Dedon’s proprietary ecological

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warka water collecting trees

In the mountainous regions of Ethiopia, finding drinkable water is a time-consuming and sometimes dangerous task. Women and children often walk for hours each day just to bring potable water home for their families. Even after the dangerous journey, the water they bring back is often contaminated and unsafe to drink. Vittori Lab has devised an ingenious way to make

shade projecting lamp

This lamp from design studio YOY takes the concept of a table lamp or floor lamp and whittles it down to its most basic of parts. The lamp itself is simple an unassuming baton or pillar when off. It looks a bit like a lamp that someone has forgotten to screw a light bulb into.

lamp projects its own shade in light

But in the darker hours

From Marchi Cucine of Italy comes this stunning retro-look kitchen, dubbed St. Louis, and new for 2014. Isn’t it just peachy-keen? Made of lacquered woods, this kitchen stands up to the fine quality that the Marchi Group is known for, world wide. The rounded corners and pastel colors are such a flashback in time – we can just see the

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loungebarrow portable transforming chair

Portable furniture and transforming furniture both have their places in the design world – but put them together and it’s entirely possible that you’ll see something magical. The Lougebarrow from designers Sascha Urban and Dorothea Wirwall is a nearly perfect marriage of portability and transformability.

transforming wheelbarrow chair

The Loungebarrow starts out looking like a regular wheelbarrow, other than the fact that its

Your home is your castle, but not all of us enjoy a kingdom-sized budget. Here are some fairly simple and budget-friendly ideas on how to make your home look just the way you want.

1. Cover a wall with pictures. Choose picture frames that all have the same texture (suede), color (white) or pattern (chevron), and choose a picture theme