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360 rotating shelf

Wall shelves aren’t usually the most creative or impressive pieces of decor in a household, but the 360 Shelf from designer Luka Pirnat can be customized to suit your tastes and storage needs.

wooden 360 rotating wall shelf

The beech wood shelf is more like a frame. It has four thick sides and a void in the middle. It mounts in a horizontal position, so

With none of the five units requiring a wall behind them, FLOAT can be positioned to enjoy views and/or social zones. No longer does a chef have to face a wall while creating culinary magic.

Aside from being highly functional, FLOAT is also a sculptural statement that will add an artistic value to any space.

The drawer beneath the main

moon inspired lamp

The moon’s craters give it a mysterious, rather romantic look to those who love gazing at its surface. Designer Constantin Bolimond has recreated this unique landscape with his Armstrong Light Trap lamp.

armstrong orb lamp

The Armstrong lamp is an orb with a series of holes all around its surface. The holes are plugged with corks that make the whole assembly look a


The cost of heating homes in cold weather can be too much for some households to handle. This ingenious little space heater can heat your home for just ten cents a day and uses no electricity.


Instead, it uses four candles and a cleverly-constructed heat disbursement system. There are just four pieces to the Egloo heater: a base, a grill,

hush2 emergency shelter

Tents have always been the go-to temporary shelter for emergency victims, but their relative fragility is no match for hurricane-force winds. In October 2012 when Haiti was hit by earthquakes and then Hurricane Sandy, the temporary shelters that had been erected following the earthquakes were rapidly found to be inadequate.

rapidly deployable wooden shelter

British company Extremis Technology has noticed that disasters often come

glass house london 1

A gleaming glass cube adds over 1,000 additional square feet to a ‘poorly planned’ traditional Georgian house in London, opening the back of the house to the garden. Framed with steel and timber, the modern extension by Cullinan Studio holds both public and private spaces, shifting the heart of the home to a large, bright space that’s private despite its

leaning loop 1

Between shoes, coats, sunglasses, handbags and umbrellas, entranceways can get cluttered quickly. Organizers made for these spaces tend to be bulky or require drilling holes in the wall, but the Leaning Loop corrals all sorts of small items in one slender silhouette that fits virtually anywhere, even if you’re dealing with a small living space.

leaning loop 2

leaning loop 3

Designed by Jason van der

Customizable rope shelf 1

Custom-design a cabinet that stores or displays absolutely any items that can fit within the four wooden walls with ‘Nó,’ a collaborative furniture project that uses strung and knotted rope in place of shelves. Versatile and compact, the shelf can be changed any time you like to accommodate new collections and uses.

Customizable rope shelf 2

customizable rope shelf 5

customizable rope shelf 7

Made of autoclaved pine and durable polyester cord,


This fractal-inspired lamp isn’t just pretty to look at; it also happens to hide a couple of intriguing secrets inside its curvy ceramic exterior.


You might not guess by looking at it, but the seemingly delicate Ceramic Lamp from designer Margot Krasojević is entirely 3D printed.


The lovely lamp is also powered by wind energy. As the wind blows and

Composed with an avant-garde and constructivist aesthetic, the Drawer Kitchen is a large island filled with drawers that create a relief pattern reminiscent of the cubist era.

The random stacked aesthetic of the drawers creates an interplay of shadows that when combined with the finger pull voids makes The Drawer Kitchen seem to be in perpetual motion.

The Drawer Kitchen