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House of the Infinite 1

Just as the sea seems to extend on forever beyond the horizon, the walkable rooftop of this beautiful travertine stone residence in Spain offers an apparently endless walkway. ‘House of the Infinite’ by architect Alberto Campo Baeza was designed as an extension of the beach, melding together the color of the sand and the mirage-like qualities of sunlight glinting off

kitchen totem stacks

No matter how pretty our kitchen utensils and accessories are, we tend to just throw them into a drawer without giving them a second thought. Kingston University graduate Oliver Richardson created kitchen accessories that stack up into little totem poles when they aren’t in use, giving them a chance to shine as the lovely objects they are.

egg cup totem

Richardson created three

stress releasing chamomile tea bags

Some people aren’t at their best before their morning cup of coffee…but there are very few people who aren’t calmed by a nice cup of chamomile tea. Tea company Boh wanted to display in a very tangible way just how much calmer a nice cup of chamomile tea can make you, and they achieved it with a beautifully simple redesign

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foot hammock

Millions of people spend the entire workday in a seated position. Besides being not-so-great for your health, sitting all day can be uncomfortable as well. The Fuut Desk from Connect Design is a clever little contraption that looks and acts like a hammock for your feet.

adjustable hammock footrest

The Fuut plays right into our natural desire to prop our feet up while

one fast cat exercise wheel

If you’ve ever had a housecat that starts to get a bit fat and lazy after a while, you know how important it is for cats – particularly those to live indoors full-time – to get regular exercise. Usually this consists of chasing after little cloth mice filled with catnip or running around trying to catch that infernal bouncing red

cj5 house vienna

Looking to the future, most experts agree that 70 percent of people will be living in cities (as opposed to rural or suburban settings) by 2050. Caramel Architects has designed an urban home called the CJ-5 House; the prototype in Vienna provides the comforts and conveniences of any modern urban home, but takes up very little space.

cj5 house facade

narrow home kitchen and dining area on stairs

The narrow design

tinos island horse stable holiday home

On the historic Greek Tinos Island, a traditional stone stable was transformed into a stunning holiday home. Architect Ioannis Exarchou addressed the project by retaining the original structure and plastering the interior walls. With a new colored concrete floor and the addition of some basic home elements, the former stable gained a glorious new life.


The home’s dark stone exterior

Modern Beach House Renovation 1

Three rectilinear glass-and-steel boxes update an unconventional 100-year-old beach house in Toronto, adding extra space and a sense of modern flair without compromising the structure’s historic character. Drew Mandel Architects sought to uphold the house’s “elusive quality of heart and soul” while giving the interior a total refresh.

Modern Beach House Renovation 2

Modern Beach House Renovation 3

The clients had lived in the semi-detached, three-story beach-neighborhood house for 12

Forest House Germany 1

Paying tribute to the mythologies and fairy houses of the woods with its dark timber facade and slightly flaring roof, Forest House is a small, private cabin tucked within the pines of Brandenburg, Germany. From the back or side, the structure seems deceptively unremarkable, but a glazed wall on the back side opens it up to the landscape, giving it