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Plec is a lamp that a strong, modern design, a creation that invites you to illuminate the interior of a house with a lamp as the current and functional characteristics. Cinca and Joan Orio signature designers have the lamp for Estiluz company, which is a metal implement, elegant and understated design with a timeless aesthetic. Hand in hand with


Decorate our Christmas tree every year is usually an all day affair, but as much as love Christmas. Everyone loves a Christmas tree, but sometimes you want a change. Same tree from year to year can get boring, and if you’ve changed your home, you can make your old tree, just not the same charm to be found. So,

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There are many elements to designing the perfect home. Many people actually delight in the idea of decorating and setting up their homes – after all, this process is entirely about personalizing and customizing the place where you live to fit your needs, preferences and desires. However, a lot of people don’t realize just how much is involved in designing

Christmas decoration come with elegant color style, blue is the best choice for your home decor. Why blue color is the most favorite color in Christmas decor? Blue is a traditional color for the winter as the symbol of cold, frost and snow. Make a centerpiece with blue balls, or combine blue and gold table settings. Blue curtains, fireplace or

Scheisse is a blend of art and industrial design, an experiment with light and shadow as positive and negative forms. It creates a distinct shadow and sculpture in its environment. Wherever placed, Scheisse hopefully stand as a true icon for all light lovers. Northern Norway Lighting launches some new mood lighting: the exploding bulb and Moo, the softly glowing moose,

Red has always been one of the colors associated with Christmas, especially since the color of the clothes of Santa Claus. Second, a very bright and vibrant colors that add atmosphere to any room. Not only can you decorate the Christmas tree with red, but also your walls, fireplace and table, of course, red dinnerware, centerpieces and tablecloths.

These unique and elegant furniture for your indoor and outdoor patios. Presented by Royal Botania, a new vision of elegant patio with modern and futuristic furniture from the collection DLux. Great lounge chair for your home. All six pieces are made of aluminum and are available in different colors. The material is very practical and easy to clean. This

European glass Christmas ornaments by Christopher Radko is an ideal gift for your loved ones this Christmas season. This Grill Santa Ornament, in particular, is a fun but elegant way to do something special to your tree to add. Exhibiting the superb workmanship and handcrafted details of Radko’s works, this jewel has a festive Santa Claus in the sparkling robe

The Bosch EcoLogixx 7 S, the elegant condenser dryer is equipped with energy saving ActiveAir heat, making the Bosch dryer to achieve ‘A’40% energy rating, which essentially means that 40% more energy efficient than comparable’ A ‘dryers assessed. With a 7 kg drying capacity, EcoLogixx dryers have a very advanced design stainless steel vessel, to ensure that the wax is

This mirrored acrylic lamps called Mini Pinecone is one of the cool products Jonas Borg Loen, a designer lives and works in Copenhagen, designs and develops. This complex product has a very attractive and unique design directly into a statement piece. The lamp is 30 cm at its widest point and 40 cm high and is made of 152