Büro Sieveking’s Josef Albers iPad App

Saturday, July 21st, 2012 - Modern Interior

by Deborah Wilk | Friday, July 20, 2012

Josef Albers iPad AppAlthough the Morgan Library and Museum might be the last stop for the traveling exhibition “Painting on Paper: Josef Albers in America,” the New York opening offers still another occasion to celebrate. Devotees of the color-field master’s investigations into hue, using the square as the primary tool to deconstruct notions of radiance and pitch, now have another document to make their libraries complete.

As an ephemeral complement to the show’s Hatje Cantz catalog, a loving review of the German-born artist’s emergence as a major post-World War II artistic influence following his emigration to the United States, Munich-based Büro Sieveking offers an iPad app for $ 35 by the catalog’s authors. Included are several of the catalog’s fine essays enriched by photographs, sound bites, and videos. Of course, true geeks—both tech and art—will go mad for the high-resolution images, which can be enlarged to note the variety of media used to create the compositions, gestures of the artist’s hand, and even notes written by Albers. A must for fans of this iconic modernist.

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