Braille bracelets for independent travel by train

22 Jul

h3 Braille bracelets for independent travel by train Thu Metro Dot‘s transportation bracelet-type cards in Braille for blind people. It relays information as subway stations and many more to go before it reaches a halt. Bracelet transmits vibrations to let the user know when to get off the train. The interface uses EAP (Electro Active Polymer) make a 3D model with electronic signals. The electronic signal is sent to the surface constantly raising the magnet to bring Braille pattern on the surface of silicone rubber. Through this method of technical, information such as the underground site and how far left can be alerted. designers explain “destinations and rail travel information transmitted through the subway tracks, and is used as a conductor, sent from TCC (Train Control Computer) in the cells. Metro Dot is able provide information about the location of the station by catching a series of electronic signals that are sent to the subway at the receiver antenna. “ Metro Dot the 2012 IDEA awards to enter. Designers: Hoyeoul Lee, Jinwoo Kim and Choi Sangyong        Yanko Design

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