Boxes in the House Ste S+ by Progettospore

16 Jul

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Architecture July 15, 2012 

Boxes in the House Ste S+ by Progettospore

The idea of this project is really simple, it consists of using the perimeter walls of the house ( among these ones also the attics are included ) as the physique limit where the boxes will be in introduced to. Those dark volumes are exactly the different housing rooms, in fact inside we can find out the kitchen, the bathroom or even the bedroom.

The volume ( or if we want “the empty space”) present between a box and an other one is intended to the temporary use of the spaces ,in other words the vestibules. The only exception is represented by the living room which is delimitated both by the perimeter walls of the house and by a black volume. To our minds the boxes are like the actors who use the setting ( that is the area delimitated by perimeter walls both horizontal and vertical) as a stage where the scene takes place. The house user takes the role of the spectator who leaves the stage ( his own interiority –even if for a while-) to meet the actors of an motionless scene and so away from time.

Architectural project: PROGETTOSPORE
Pistoia, Italy

Boxes in the House Ste S A6 PROGETTOSPORE Architectural project PROGETTOSPORE

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