Blend, baby, blend!


Blend, baby, blend!

FRXSH blender is refreshingly minimal compared to many bulky, user-unfriendly designs out there. Extremely small database is easy (even missing the Start button) and easy to use thanks to the automatic trigger mechanism that starts when the tank is twisted into place. Focusing on perpendicularity than beefiness, the design does not take up much space on the counter or impose aesthetics cuisine.

Power: 200 W
Mixing time: 40 seconds (process)

Brushless DC motor
aluminum monobloc housing
Height: 15.8 cm
Maximum diameter: 10 cm
Standby power consumption: 0.5 W
Automatic trigger mechanism (no start button)
overheating controller
Weight: 1800 g

Copol (plastic / copolyester, a BPA-free): 1000 ml
Crystal (Glass): 850 ml
Steel (stainless steel insulated bottle): 650 ml
Move Height: 25 cm height with
Dancer: 26 cm
Maximum diameter: 9 , 2 cm height
base with a bottle on top: 39 cm

Ground chrome steel

bags: recycled Fri

Yanko Design

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