Beds for Small Spaces

Thursday, July 12th, 2012 - Interior Design

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Living in a small home, flat or studio can be challenging, and being creative with your limited space is essential to living comfortably. Being creative and picking furnishings that do double-duty is crucial; luckily, there are plenty of simple solutions that make life easier for small-space dwellers. Beds can be the biggest furniture in a small flat, and downsizing your bed is not always possible, but there are plenty of ways to fit your bed into a tiny home. From small adjustments to big changes, here are some of our favourite tips:

Ditch the footboard: Footboards and large bedframes take up precious space and create a barrier in the room, not to mention something painful to bump into when squeezing past. Choose a simple bedframe with no headboard or footboard for an easy fix.

Attics and alcoves: If you have any unused space, take full advantage – place your bed in a box room or alcove for a solution that leaves the rest of the flat free and open. Hang bookshelves above the foot of the bed with a reading light, and a sheer curtain instead of a door, to make it feel cozy and homely. An attic can also be a great solution – there needn’t be space to stand up, just enough to sit up without hitting your head.

Loft beds and bunk beds: Floor space may be limited in small flats, so think vertical. Take advantage of this unused higher space and place a desk, wardrobe or reading chair beneath a lofted bed. If it’s storage you’re after, you can half-loft a bed so there’s several feet beneath, and use this for drawers and bookshelves. For kids, bunk beds (either straight above each other or in an L-shape) are a fun and practical solution that leaves extra space to play.

Under-bed storage: No point wasting the space beneath the bed. Many bedframes come with built-in drawers beneath the mattress, which is a great solution. If you don’t want to buy a new bed, plastic storage bins underneath the bed are a great place for shoes or bed linens. Apartment Therapy is a site that’s an expert on small homes, and they recommend storing spare linens between the mattress and the bedframe – no need to fold them in a packed cupboard if you can just slip them under the bed!

Double-duty: A day bed can double as a couch or comfy seating area, futon sofas are a good temporary option (great for guests), and if you’re willing to put in the effort, some sofa beds are incredibly comfortable; simply fold the bed away during the day for plenty of space to move around.


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