Beautifully Designed Timber Home Interiors And Exterior

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012 - Interior Design

Timber frame houses are traditional and classic looking homes with beautiful rustic ambience and gorgeous looks. The timber frame incorporates the traditional barn like structure with all modern facilities. Creatively designed and expertly executed, this home is the epitome of all that is traditional and still modern and comfortable.

Many of the timber homes built across countries and continents utilize local skills and indigenous materials to build gorgeous looking homes that are unique and great looking. They use the local timber that gives special character to the structure. They look harmoniously blended to the outdoor landscape and scenery effortlessly.

Timber homes score highly as environmentally friendly structures as they use natural products and other materials that are locally grown. Today designers are making innovative use of reclaimed and salvaged timber from discarded old structures like mines and barnyards. This helps in keeping the living trees from being cut and used for construction.

Log homes are known to be comfy and cozy during winters. And log homes can be quite nice to stay during hot summer months also. With good cross ventilation, a timber home can stay cool in the hottest summer without feeling suffocated or sultry inside. Most of the log walls fare so much better than concrete walls or brick walls in overall looks and performance.

Log homes or timber homes can be more energy efficient. Logs are naturally good insulators and they maintain temperatures at a constant level quite easily. They retain the warmth for long times and do not allow the cold draught very easily. Log roofs are again quite capable of keeping in the heat in and cold temperature out.

Lighting for a timber home should be planned even when the home is designed. As exposed wooden beams from the walls, ceilings and roofs may be at a higher level, appropriate lighting is needed to light the nooks, corners etc. Pendant lighting centrally fixed is a good option for ambient lighting. Task lighting is useful for kitchens and bathrooms.

Here are the images of a beautifully constructed timber home from British Columbia from LogHome. This has both inside and outside framework. This is a spacious well-planned six-bedroom house with all facilities. Open-type kitchen flowing into a dining area and subsequently into a beautiful living room looks stunningly beautiful. Don’t you think you will like to own such a house?

Timber Home Entrance – Façade
timber home entrance facade

Open Type Kitchen & Dining Area
open type kitchen dining area

Marvelous Looking Master Bedroom
marvelous looking master bedroom

Entry Way – Foyer of Timber Home
entry-way-foyer-of timber-home

Entrance Leading to Living Room
entrance leading to living room

Bathroom Attached to Master Bedroom
bathroom attached to master bedroom

Attractive Looking Terrace – Timber Home
attractive looking terrace timber home

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