Beautiful Patio Furniture by Corradi

Monday, April 25th, 2011 - Best Design


Inspired by the delicate inner works of plant life, this beautiful patio furniture by Corradi embraces nature, right down to the detail. A romantic and elegant set, Foglia (Italian, for “leaf”) captures Mother Nature’s best in its sofa, chair and table designs made of teak, aluminum, steel and natural textiles. The stylized, perforated frames allow light to filter through, casting organic web-like shadows in the sun’s wake. Formal in its look, yet undeniably comfortable in feel, this beautiful patio furniture is our new favorite hotseat. Check it out by visiting Corradi.


Posted in Patio Furniture at April 21, 2011 12:22 AM

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Beautiful Patio Furniture by Corradi | isengdude | 4.5