Beautiful Bathrooms With Soothing Nature Views

Monday, July 30th, 2012 - Interior Design

Bathroom is a very important part of our home. This and the kitchen are the water centers. They are places for cleansing and recouping/refreshing activities. Here is where we spend the first few minutes of our waking day. Today the concept of bathroom being just a place where you do your dental care, bathing and making up or hair care has changed. Bathrooms are now centers and focus of aesthetic experience and beauty in your home in more than one way.

Today people are ready to spend quite a bit of money on doing the bathroom just the right way they like. Many of us treat bathroom as the refuge or safe haven where we can go, relax for a while with a book if need be and work out the stress that gets accumulated over the day. Everyday work schedules and commuting hazards add to the hectic pace of our lives. So bathroom aesthetics are vital in making our lives more relaxed and healthy.

What are ways of making the bathroom more beautiful aesthetically and artistically? The three most important areas of the bathroom – viz – bathing area, vanity area, washing area need to be well planned and well furnished. Even when the size of the bathroom is not very big, if you layout the bathroom in a well-planned manner, you can make the bathroom look more spacious and a pleasant place.

Also check out whether you can add to the aesthetics by having a window that overlooks a water feature or garden in your outdoors. Even if you do not have space enough for a big garden, a small – long and narrow one – preferably from flooring to ceiling that overlooks a piece of garden, swimming pool or sole lawn, will make the bathroom look distinctly elegant and chic. The window will help in making the bathroom look well-lit too.

Whether your bathroom is on the ground floor level or in the higher stories, a view or vista of green space can really enhance the look of the bathroom. If your bathroom has more room, having a lounger or an easy chair near the window can be most relaxing. It can work as a powerful stress buster from the everyday work-related stress and other strain etc.

Here are some images of beautifully furnished bathrooms with stunningly beautiful looking views and vistas of garden, outdoors and lawn from Fbranchetti. Don’t you think you may like a bathroom like this?

View of Luxurious Grass Lawn
view of luxurious grass lawn 630x472

Trees and Grass through the Window
trees and grass through the window 630x474

Open Window for Light and View
open window for light and view 630x472

Manicured Lawn for View
manicured lawn for view 630x477

Looking over a Beautiful Lawn
looking over a beautiful lawn 630x476

Long Stretch of Grass and Green
long stretch of grass and green 630x475

Landscaped Garden via Window
landscapted garden via a window 630x474

Green Stretch Just outside the Window
green stretch just outside the window 630x474

Floor to Ceiling Window Offering View
floor to ceiling window offering view 630x473

Bathtub Area with View
bathtub with view 630x474

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