Ball Glass Chandeliers – Wonderful Magical Lighting of Bocci

Sunday, November 13th, 2011 - Best Design

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If today is the first time to introduce lighting for Bocci, then consider that special day. All about Bocci’s admiration and give lighting solutions speak for themselves. They are pretty well known for its hanging glass ball chandeliers, examples of which are featured here. Specifically, they are part of 28 collections. These suspended blown glass areas are wonderfully charming, elegant and modern statement in any room that is lucky enough to have them. Bocci combines the design and manufacturing, backed by rigorous research of innovative ideas and materials, holding of a high standard. With their main factory in Vancouver, Canada, the satellite company based out of Berlin, Germany – Bocci makes magic happen – from creative planning phase until the signing of each product. Each phase is important because of the factories and offices are planned, all departments can monitor the production process. This physical interaction between the department provides a fully comprehensive product the best quality possible. S Omar Abel as creative director, Bocci seeks produce items that promote healthy human object interactions. Since the designs are contemporary, timeless and of such high quality, Bocci products meant to be kept for life. This in itself promotes environmental awareness, but the idea is also present in the materials, manufacturing and packaging choices – making their products sustainable. Do check out the video section of the website in order to appreciate the art and skill that is put into each product – it’s a real treat. We also do bespoke design to fit each project. There is only so much to say, so you’ll want to get more information on Bocci directly.




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