Artistically Exciting Roma Roma Wallpapers by Yo2

Strips are manufactured 46.5Wx270H cm, however endless size panels can be ordered. In case of different height requirements, the wallpapers can be customized accordingly.

The material used for the Roma Roma series is a non-woven 130gram per m2 non-pvc substrate with a 50gram per m2 aqua acrylic top layer.

The surface of the wallpapers are defined by their textile/fabric properties.

Roma Roma is noticeably stronger then a standard wallpaper – and much prettier too!

The surfaces are all washable with improved scratch resistance.

Each section of wallpaper has dimensional stability without stretching or shrinking and can be removed in a dry condition for redecoration – provided the right paste was used on installation.

If the pattern reaches over more then one panel, several strips are rolled into a reel next to each other with each strip Identified by a number. Application is in numerical order from left to right.

All the Roma Roma wallpapers are produced in the Netherlands.

Each design is printed on high quality non-woven foundation that meets the highest standards of washability and fire resistance.



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