Amazing bathtubs Manuel Dreesmann

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 - Best Design

ultra-modern bath-tub-Sasso - wave.jpg

Gone are the days of utilitarian, boring bathroom – Welcome to the new “wave” where amazing, the German designer Manuel Dreesmann and the Swiss bathroom brands in Bath Stone. Ocean Wave and Ocean lap trays are made of Corian, known for ITS beautiful organic look and feel. Their sculptural silhouettes, with “waves” and “wings” – Hence Their name – boasts free-form Aesthetic That Seems To Have a Mind of ITS own, suitable for placement in the middle of the room. Safe exhibit, which effectively will be tucked away in a dark corner! When the ocean wing Measures 2250 by 1000 by 750mm and is made of Corian. Offer variations of this nature-inspired look, When the ocean wave measure 3000 by 1500 by 780mm and has a warm, wood interior cabinets with Corian. For more information about These amazing designs, visit Manuel Dreesmann and Bath Stone. ultra-modern bath-tub-Sasso-wings-1.jpg

 ultra-modern bath-tub-Sasso - wing.jpg

 ultra-modern bath-tub-Sasso-wave-1.jpg

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