Allandale House for An Idiosyncratic Connoisseur by William O’Brien Jr

21 Aug

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Allandale House for An Idiosyncratic Connoisseur by William O’Brien Jr

Allandale House is a unique home design for an idiosyncratic connoisseur which is located in the Mountain West, the United States. This house done by the project team Bhujon Kang with the designer William O’Brien Jr. the Allandale House provides space for an eccentric collection of artifacts that resist straightforward classification.

The house links three horizontal extrusions of “leaning,” or asymmetrical A-frames. The skinny A-frame on the western side contains the library, wine cellar and garage. The wide A-frame in the center of the house is dedicated to two floors of bedrooms and bathrooms. The medium A-frame on the eastern side consists of living, kitchen and dining areas.

The house aims to undermine the seeming limitations of a triangular section by augmenting and revealing the extreme proportion in the vertical direction, and utilizing the acutely angled corners meeting the floor as moments for thickened walls, telescopic apertures and built-in storage. Due to its original shape, the interior is particularly interesting and features unexpected furniture shapes.

allandale-b- interior interior1
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