Airbending with Audio

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The TILT speaker takes on a new aesthetic and I for one find this very interesting. The speaker looks like a musical instrument, rather than a techy product, and personally it’s a great direction. It makes the speaker look like it knows what it’s up to! The wooden construction and the random circular pattern grill give the TILT its quirky avatar, but it’s not just that. The TILT’s speciality is that it can switch between unidirectional and omnidirectional. Face the TILT upwards and you have a speaker that throws out 360° of well-balanced audio, but if you want something more channeled, just tip it over and the speaker focuses audio in a single direction. Simple, isn’t it? Have a house party when you want to, or a personal music environment when you need to!

Designers: Candice Daley and CPUT

for core 77

for core 77


for core 77

Yanko Design

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