Add Pizzazz to Your Outdoor Garden With Some Great Ideas

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The final touch to a gorgeous landscaped garden is to add decorative curbing to it. Wondering what that is? Well, curbing is a continuous concrete border put in around flower beds, lawn areas, driveways, walkways. The graceful, continuous curl of the decorative curbing increases the attractiveness of the garden immeasurably.

Beautiful Greenery Enclosing Home
beautiful greenery enclosing home

This edging is not only looks pretty, but also helps to keep the garden look clean and well-manicured. Coloured curbs with beautiful designs work very effectively to offset and highlight the flower beds or lawn areas, enhancing the beauty of garden.

Landscape Garden Outdoor Design
landscape gardens design

Most gardens have flowerbeds and a driveway while others have many more landscaped areas like a rock garden or fountains. Edgings are needed for all these as grass or weeds grow indiscriminately, running their looks. And only regular trimming can keep the edges clean.

Pretty Flower Beds with Curbing
pretty flower beds with curbing 630x416

Traditionally, wood/bricks were used to provide edges. While natural materials like wood don’t last long, bricks, though it looks rustic and adds colour to the garden, also involves higher maintenance – it gets moved easily and weeds grow in the gaps.

Small Waterfall And Simple Garden Design
smart waterfall smalgarden

Over times many alternatives have been developed. Plastic and metal have been the most popular ones. These are easy to install and look neat. But one disadvantage is that they easily come off in time. Curbing made of concrete has become widely popular in recent times because it is the most long-lasting and elegant solution for edging requiring very little maintenance.

Lawn with Complete Curbing
lawn with complete curbing 630x416

Since it is a permanent in nature, concrete curbing must be used only when there is no possibility of any change in designs or landscaping. It is slightly more expensive than other kinds of curbing as it needs specialised machines/tools and is labour-intensive to put up.

House with Extensive Curbing
house with extensive curbing 630x416

The concrete border works as a root barrier, inhibiting growth of weeds or grass. Because of its weight, concrete landscape curbing, unlike plastic landscape edging, does not rise due to frost. All these benefits have made concrete curbing a popular choice while landscaping gardens.

Flower Beds With Curbing That Match House
flower beds with curbing that match house 630x416

Concrete curbing is perfect and can be used creatively to emphasize a flowerbed or other landscaping area. A large variety of looks can be created using colour stains and rubber stamps. Since they are permanent, while designing a curbing careful thought must be given to the style and colour for them.

Elegant Curbing around Tree
elegant curbing for tree 630x416

Concrete curbing is done by profession curbing companies using specialised machines and knowledge. Take a look at these lovely curbing designs from one such professional company, Kwik Kerb. Don’t they give a great look to the gardens?

Colourful Flower Bed with Concrete Edging
colourful flower bed with concrete edging 630x416

Attractive Front Yard with Curbing
attractive front yard with curbing 630x416

A Close Look at a Curbing
a close look at a curbing 630x416

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