A Triumvirate of Architectural Lamps

petits freres lamps

Times to Design’s new talent award wining designer Milia Seyppel came up with a set of three lamps named as Petits Freres. Each lamp has been inspired from machines and industrial architecture of those early days of their inception. These lamps are memory of those golden days of architecture. Every lamp is different from each other in terms of look, make and operation. The switching mechanism of each lamp is different and they are built according to their respective architecture. They are very diverse in form, color and mechanism, still they have a harmony between them and looks like they are telling the same story. One of the trio can be used as floor lamp, table lamp as well as hanging ceiling lamp, which is a very well thought out idea. I would definitely say that this is a decent try to make a mark on the lighting industry. What do you guys think?

multi functional lamps

architectural lamps

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