A Portable Hobbit House for Your Unexpected Journeys


hobbit hole trailer

Most of the world became acquainted with the living arrangements of little creatures called hobbits through the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien and, later, a bunch of movies. Hobbits prefer homes with round doors, built into the sides of hills. But what about when a hobbit wants to take a road trip without leaving the comforts of home behind? He might build a caravan kind of like the one Redditor Samm1t built.

traveling hobbit hole caravan

The caravan is a dome-shaped little trailer with an astroturf roof, a pop-up kitchen and enough room to squeeze in at least 6 hobbits (or two or three humans). The creator of the sweet little camper took about two months to build it on evenings and weekends. With a little design advice from his wife, he managed to create a cool ride that just about anyone would be thrilled to go camping in.

hobbit caravan kitchen

And because no hobbit can go more than a few hours without enjoying a meal, the caravan comes equipped with a pop-open kitchen that has a swing-out stove. The kitchen area features ample storage space for pots, pans, spices and everything else the modern hobbit-on-the-go could ever want.


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