A DIY Table Lamp for Your Little One from GangDesign

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 - Interior Design

colorful diy table lamp

Kids always love to play with everything they get in-front of their hands, we never stop them because we love them doing that. How often have you seen a kid playing with crayon and drawing imaginary lines on the wall? Quiet often I think. Today I am showing you an unique table lamp from gangdesign which consist of some discrete parts like cardboard tube, crayons, lamp, wire and paper set. Keep those color pencils around the cardboard tube, let your kid draw anything on the paper with crayons and when it’s done, just roll the paper to make the lamp shade. Arrange everything in position and you are done with making a table lamp which showcase your child’s unique artwork. I am sure he/she will be very happy to see this.

diy lamp shade

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